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TL;DR: The DropDownList widget cannot be closed by clicking the arrow-icon.

The long story:

After the DropDownList has been opened once, it closes and reopens every time the user clicks the arrow-icon. Closing the DropDownList still works when clicking anywhere on the dropDown except the arrow-icon (or rather the button around it) or anywhere else but the dropDown. This DOJO demonstrates the problem. Animations have been disabled to allow easier reproduction (with animations on, the problem appears only occasionally, probably because of timing issues).

If you look closely, you will notice that the dropDown closes when the mouse button is pressed and reopens when the mouse button is released (this is when the click event is fired). Therefore, the problem can be (temporarily) mitigated by suppressing the mousedown event on the dropDown's wrapper element.

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After updating the version of Kendo we are using to 2022.1.412 we noticed a weird behavior in the DropDownLists. Clicking the drop down arrow once opens the list, then clicking the arrow again closes and re-opens the list instead of just closing it. Note that this does not happen while clicking on any other part of the drop down to close it, selecting an item from the drop down, or clicking outside the drop down list. It only happens while clicking on the arrow button.

Behavior can be seen in the demos on these pages:




However the behavior does not appear on these pages:




Steps to Reproduce:

  • Click the drop down arrow to open the drop down list
  • Click on the arrow again and observe the list close and re-open (Note it sometimes doesn't happen right away but takes a few tries)
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Created by: Ilia
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Category: DropDownList
Type: Bug Report

Describe the bug
While the loading icon is visible in the DropDownList when fetching data, the widget's height is changed.

To reproduce

  1. Open this Dojo example - https://dojo.telerik.com/AFuQItIv/4
  2. Select an item in the first DropDownList

You can compare the height of the two dropdownlists

Expected behavior
The height of the DropDownList shouldn't change when the loading icon is visible.

  • Kendo UI for jQuery

Affected browsers (please remove the unneeded items)

  • All
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As my grid edit forms have expanded past the default popup, I have been using editable template. These are bound with MVVM and work well. But not all options work via MVVM like the cascade options below. I would like to use the cascade options in this scenario. It would be great to have all configuration options available via MVVM.

            <select id="ParentID" name="ParentID"
                    style="width: 100%"
                    data-option-label="Pick PE..."
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Drop down widget is defaulted to first option even though ng-model is undefined, in case where we bind same value to k-data-value-field and k-data-text-field.

Please have a look on the below sample code where you can find issue. My expectation is drop down should not default when model value is not assigned. 




<!DOCTYPE html>
    <base href="https://demos.telerik.com/kendo-ui/dropdownlist/angular">
    <style>html { font-size: 14px; font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; }</style>
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="https://kendo.cdn.telerik.com/2019.1.115/styles/kendo.common-material.min.css" />
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="https://kendo.cdn.telerik.com/2019.1.115/styles/kendo.material.min.css" />
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="https://kendo.cdn.telerik.com/2019.1.115/styles/kendo.material.mobile.min.css" />

    <script src="https://kendo.cdn.telerik.com/2019.1.115/js/jquery.min.js"></script>
    <script src="https://kendo.cdn.telerik.com/2019.1.115/js/angular.min.js"></script>
    <script src="https://kendo.cdn.telerik.com/2019.1.115/js/kendo.all.min.js"></script>

<div id="example" ng-app="KendoDemos">
    <div class="demo-section k-content" ng-controller="MyCtrl">
    <input kendo-drop-down-list
            style="width: 100%"></input>


  angular.module("KendoDemos", [ "kendo.directives" ])
      .controller("MyCtrl", function($scope){
   // $scope.data=0;
    $scope.productsDataSource = new kendo.data.DataSource({
                        data: [{









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The dropDownList supports several keyboard shortcuts as documented in https://demos.telerik.com/kendo-ui/dropdownlist/keyboard-navigation. However, when e.g. a KeyDown event is triggered (and handled) by the widget, its propagation is not stopped. This behavior can be witnessed in this DOJO.

In our case, we e.g. use dropDownLists inside dialog windows that can be closed via ESC. When pressing ESC while a dropDownList is focused, this not only closes the dropDownList (as expected), but also closes the dialog.

The dropDownList should stop the propagation of events that it handled.

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Created by: Miguel
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Category: DropDownList
Type: Feature Request

Hi Team,

I'd like to request the functionality to add a Clear Button  for the Kendo UI DropDownList similar to the ComboBox.  

Thank you!

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Release 2022.R1.SP.next
Created by: Mark
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Category: DropDownList
Type: Bug Report

Bug report

The height of the DropDownList popup is incorrect when using LESS themes.

Reproduction of the problem

  1. Open this Dojo example - https://dojo.telerik.com/@martin.tabakov@progress.com/oMohisUF/2
  2. Open the DropDownList

Current behavior

The popup height is incorrect.

Expected/desired behavior

The popup height should be big enough to fit the list.


  • Kendo UI version: 2022.1.119
  • Browser: [all]
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Release 2022.R1.SP.next

Bug report

When filtering is performed in the parent widget and an item is selected, duplicate read request are sent to the remote end point for the child widget data.

Reproduction of the problem

  1. Open the Dojo
  2. In the parent DropDownList search "be" and select "Beverages"

Current behavior

Two requests are sent to the 'Products' DropDownList read end point.

Expected/desired behavior

There should be a single request for reading the widget`s data.

The issue is a regression since 2019 R3 SP1 (2019.3.1023)


  • Kendo UI version: 2021.3.1109
  • Browser: [all ]
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Created by: Michael D
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Category: DropDownList
Type: Bug Report

The Kendo UI DropDownList allows the user to entera filter which is applied on the available items (documented here: https://docs.telerik.com/kendo-ui/api/javascript/ui/dropdownlist/configuration/filter). As soon as a filter term entered by the user is applied to the dataSource, the selected item is no longer marked. Usually, the .k-state-selected CSS class is set on the corresponding DOM element.

This behavior can also be reproduced in the official Kendo UI Dojo about filtering: https://dojo.telerik.com/eVuSopuj

Last Updated: 21 Dec 2021 04:56 by CDC

It will be very nice if the AutoComplete, DropDownList, ComboBox, and MultiSelect components have the floating label functionality like the TextBox widget 


Last Updated: 15 Sep 2021 13:58 by klaus

Bug report

In a virtual DropDownList with a value set, the first item is marked as selected as well. The issue occurs when using jQuery 3.4.1 or later.

Reproduction of the problem

  1. Open this Dojo example. - https://dojo.telerik.com/@martin.tabakov@progress.com/UkOmiYEj
  2. Open the DropDownList.

Current behavior

Two items are marked as selected.

Expected/desired behavior

Only the item with value 3 should appear as selected.


  • Kendo UI version: 2021.3.914
  • **jQuery version: 3.4.1 and later
  • Browser: [all]
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Release 2021.R3
Created by: Dave
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Category: DropDownList
Type: Feature Request
A kendoDropDownList places an arrow to the right of the <select/> element, indicating it's a dropdown (.k-i-arrow-s). It would be cool if kendoMultISelect did the same thing. 
Clicking the <select/> element or the arrow should also toggle the visibility on the list items.

See http://stackoverflow.com/questions/31825788/kendo-multiselect-to-have-arrow-icon-and-behavior-to-close-on-click .
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Release 2020.R3.SP.next
Created by: Matthew
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Category: DropDownList
Type: Bug Report


  1. select "Oranges" from the dropdown
  2. press "Change value to 'Bananas'" button
  3. press "Sort" button
  4. select "Oranges" from the dropdown

Expected: should see two events for "Changed to Oranges" but only see one
Actual: status only shows one value change event from the first selection of "Oranges"

It seems this issue was introduced with the fix for https://github.com/telerik/kendo-ui-core/issues/4496

The introduction of _oldText in the _change method of kendo.list.js has introduced a flaw in the value change detection for DropDownList

The above dojo presents a way to short-circuit the issue since it is not easy to show the _oldText issue since the index check works as a fallback.

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Created by: Anna
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Category: DropDownList
Type: Bug Report

In Combox, DropDownList, Multiselect widgets, when grouping, the first item is incorrectly rendered (inconsistently with the others).

This can be observed as of today on:

  1. https://demos.telerik.com/kendo-ui/combobox/grouping
  2. https://demos.telerik.com/kendo-ui/dropdownlist/grouping
  3. https://demos.telerik.com/kendo-ui/multiselect/grouping

Additionaly, when groupTemplate is defined, it's ignored for the first item: https://docs.telerik.com/kendo-ui/api/javascript/ui/dropdownlist/configuration/grouptemplate

Last Updated: 11 May 2021 13:44 by ADMIN

Ticket ID : 1518454

Thank you for your kind reply.

I saw the link you sent me.(https://dojo.telerik.com/eHUBOtOW/2)

When a Korean keyword is searched, the cursor is pushed back.

It works fine in Chrome, but the same thing happens in IE.

Our company's system have to use IE.


Last Updated: 10 May 2021 06:20 by Vedad

Bug report

When the DropDownList is used as an editor in the Gantt, sometimes the DropDownList popup closes on double-click. The issue is observed when the trackpad's click is set to light and a double-click is performed.

Reproduction of the problem

  1. On a Macbook Pro set the trackpad click to light
  2. Run this dojo
  3. Double-click on an item in the title column

Current behavior

Sometimes the DropDownList opens and closes.

Expected/desired behavior

DropDownList should remain open


  • Kendo UI version: 2021.1.330
  • Browser: [all]
Last Updated: 26 Mar 2021 10:09 by John

Bug report

Even if no filtering is configured, when the delay option is different than 0 navigation between the items in the DropDownList does not work correctly.

Reproduction of the problem

  1. Open the Demo
  2. Focus/Open the DropDownList
  3. Click 's' - Small is selected
  4. Click 'l' - Large is selected
  5. Repeat multiple times

Current behavior

The correct item is not always selected. In the demo, no delay is configured, but the default value is 500. The delay is supposed to affect the DropDownList only when filtering is enabled.

Note: Currently, when the filter option is configured, changing selection without opening the DropDownList is not possible.


Set delay to 0 - Dojo

Expected/desired behavior

The selection of the items should be correctly changed when typing, even if a delay different than 0 is configured.
Also, it should be possible to change the selected item by typing in the keyboard even if the filter option is set and the DropDownList is closed.


  • Kendo UI version: 2021.1.224
  • Browser: [all]
Last Updated: 25 Mar 2021 12:08 by ADMIN
Created by: IT
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Category: DropDownList
Type: Feature Request
Check out this idea. It may help solve this issue and help with UI presentation.

Admin edit: A Knowledge Base article that shows how you can achieve this: https://docs.telerik.com/kendo-ui/knowledge-base/disable-multiselect-items

Last Updated: 26 Jan 2021 17:05 by John
Created by: John
Comments: 1
Category: DropDownList
Type: Feature Request
Add a filterOptions option that will enable users to configure attributes, placeholder, etc for the search box of the DropDownList. 
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