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Created by: Seven Spikes
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Category: AutoComplete
Type: Bug Report

On Android mobile devices (probably on other mobile devices as well) the click event from the drop-down list popup triggers the click event of controls below the clicked item.

The issue is similar to this one described here -

We managed to reproduce it including kendo.all.min.js and also including only the individual components required for the autocomplete to work.

In your demo, we simply added a button below the autocomplete and show an alert when the button is clicked.

Here is a DOJO link with the individual components:

Simply type "A" so that the list of countries is shown and then click on "Andorra" and the button below the list will also be clicked.

The same DOJO link with kendo.all.min.js takes some more steps to be replicated.

Here you need to type "A" and click on "Andorra", it won't fire the click event of the button initially but if you delete the selected items and type "A" again and then select "Andorra" the button will be clicked.

We have seen the same issue in version 2020.1 as well.

I workaround for this issue will be much appreciated!

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Created by: Pallavi
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Category: Scheduler
Type: Feature Request


   I  wanted achieve some Changes in Agenda view of scheduler  Is it Possible

1. Want to drag and drop the event of Agenda page Up and Down

2. Calculate the total time of Event

3. After drag and drop the Event up and down the starting and Ending time of Event Change According to Total time

I am new in kendo UI so I don`t have any idea Is it possible to reflect this changes in Agenda page

attached SS please look forward It.

Thank You

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Created by: Maikel
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Category: DateRangePicker
Type: Bug Report


I've implemented the DateRangePicker in our software and I noticed that the selection of the DateRangePicker has a slide different behavior to the Angular DateRangePicker.
This behavior is also reproducible in the demo website.

Select a range. Alter range to the new values. First, update '03-11-2019' -> '04-11-2019'. Second, update '09-11-2019' -> ''

First selection:
Start date: 03-11-2019
End date: 09-11-2019

Now I want to update this range to:

Start date: 04-11-2019
End date: 16-11-2019

Start date: 16-11-2019
End date: null
When I select the start date, it's updated as expected (04-11-2019) but selecting the new end date (16-11-2019), sets the a new start date instead of the end date. As described by the result values.

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Hi Team,

In kendo scheduler add a vie more(...) option in week view which is not available. It is very add to read if more appointments are there in a week.




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Created by: Gopi
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Category: DropDownList
Type: Bug Report

Bug report

Reproduction of the problem

Dojo example

  1. Inspect the value in the pre tag above the DropDownList and the selected value in the DropDownList.

Current behavior

The model has the extra spaces trimmed and there is a single space between the words:

<pre class="ng-binding">Magazzini Alimentari Riuniti</pre>

In the DropDownList the value properly contains 2 spaces between the words.

Expected/desired behavior

In the data the selected item has 2 spaces between the words: Magazzini Alimentari Riuniti
The model value should be identical to the data and the extra spaces should not be trimmed.


  • Kendo UI version: 2020.2.617
  • jQuery version: x.y
  • Browser: [all]
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When there is no filter enabled in the DropDownList it is possible to select an item just by typing, without opening the DropDownList popup.

It would be useful if such an option is available when the filter of the widget is configured. 

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Created by: Dan
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Category: TreeList
Type: Feature Request

The functionality of treelist with drag&drop without autosync and without batch saving, at the end of the drop the change is not saved.

There is available a hack in the forum

For me this is a bug because I would expect for the change with drop to be automatically saved but it seems that for your support it is not. I understand that all the other changes are saved by the user with a button but the drag&drop does not have a button for it.

So if you do not want to implement this at least add a warning in the drag&drop demos page about this and provide the hack from the forum link or something so that others can know that they have to apply the hack in order for the drag&drop change to be automatically saved.

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Run sample at and click "New Folder".

  • Actual result: SyntaxError: missing ) in parenthetical
  • Expected result: a new folder appears
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I am running in ti issue where extended MultiSelect selects primitive values after 1st value has been selected. See image blow and attached sample to recreate issue. Please also provide feedback regarding a way to mitigate this bug. 

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Created by: Imported User
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Category: Kendo UI for jQuery
Type: Feature Request
I'm resurrecting this on the suggestion of Todd Anglin.  An earlier request for this feature was declined because modern browsers include spell check.

However, there are many use cases where this is no use.  In my particular case I need:

   - Spell Check to work in IE8
   - Custom (and programmatically accessible) dictionaries
   - The ability to programmatically turn spell check on/off on a field by field basis
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Every widget that supports control of visibility configuration uses "VISIBLE", but when using MVVM to control HTML objects it is: data-bind = "invisible: someThing" .  This IMHO is inconsistent, counterintuitive, and adds complication.  If you are controlling the visibility of a mix of Kendo and HTML objects on the same bit of data, you need to duplicate it with a negated version or resort needlessly to templating logic.  Maybe I'm missing something but this seems like a no-brainer.


Will Dougherty 

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Created by: n/a
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Category: Kendo UI for jQuery
Type: Feature Request
In my page I have a grid and also a chartjs. I would like to export chartjs in excel as well not only grid.
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Created by: Annasaheb
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Category: Grid
Type: Feature Request

We would like to add a new column(s) dynamically to a grid, This feature is very important when grid containts lots of fields. In order to resolve slow grid rendering, we are allowing user to choose columns to show/hide and render grid accordingly. Kendo generates html code for hidden columns which causes slow rendering for large data. We are already using performance improvement suggestions from kendo like virtual scrolling, paging etc.

Last Updated: 09 Jun 2020 10:36 by soroush

Please add this feature (Persian Calendar) into a valuable package

Thanks to the team
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  1. Run dojo at
  2. Check developer console

Expected result: a message should be logged.

Actual result: no message is logged.


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There are a number of controls missing from the new editor that was not in the old telerik editor. including Add spell check, cut, copy and paste {several options}, undo, redo, new paragraph, horizontal rules, insert time, insert symbol. Anyway to bring those functionalities into core?
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Created by: James
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Category: Form
Type: Feature Request

It would be great if the form configuration allowed for items to be readonly or disabled during setup.  There are times when perhaps some data should not be able to be changed.

I'm having to do tricks such as this for each field I want readonly.

$("#originalFilename, #title").kendoTextBox({ readonly: true });
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Step by step instructions on how to reproduce the problem:

  1. Create a kendo tab strip
  2. Using the append method, add a "tab1"- do not specify any content in this new tab
  3. Using the insertBefore method, add a "tab2", this time specify some content
  4. Attempt to navigate the tabs and note what is showing in the content of each tab

Code snippets:

            var tabStrip = $("#contentlessAppend").kendoTabStrip({}).data('kendoTabStrip');
              text: "noContentAppend",
              //content: "With content" //Uncomment this line for normal functionality
              text: "contentInsertBefore",
              encode: false,
              content: `<div id="WhereAmI">I am not where I should be</div>`
            }, tabStrip.tabGroup.children().eq(0) );

Screenshots of the problem:


Stack trace, if applicable: N/A

Project and its dependencies which illustrates the problem (stripped, in zip format):

(see attached)

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Created by: Simon
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Category: Editor
Type: Feature Request
Add an enable() method to Editor to enable/disable the editor widget.

The following link mentions how to disable the contenteditable, but this does not disable the toolbar:

Something like:

function(enable) { 
                        $(this.body).attr("contenteditable", enable);
                        if (enable) {
                        } else {
                            this.toolbar.element.closest(".k-editor-toolbar-wrap").append("<div class='k-disabled-overlay'></div>");
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