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Last Updated: 18 May 2021 08:40 by thaiquynhlam

Hi admin,

I have a problem when I do with the Spreadsheet.

Bug only appear on mobile deice that run iOS operation system. You need prepare a device as iPhone or iPad

** Prerequisite step.

1. Your device must install Japanese keyboard percussion. You can refer to this below link

2. You visit to   by your device

** Step to reproduce this bug

Because having may steps to reproduce this bug, I records a video. Please check video attached.


When you switch to Japanese keyboard percussion,  you select a cell and enter a formula excel on  'fx' input

Ex: =sum

** Phenomenon: 

You enter "="  and then continue entering 'u' character. But cells lose focus and can't enter any character.

You must click again on 'fx' input, it focus again. But only enter a character. And then continue losing focus

Please confirm and help me this problem



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Last Updated: 17 May 2021 19:12 by David
Created by: David
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Category: Form
Type: Feature Request
Would be nice to bind the form to a part of my viewModel. For example I am trying to data bind the form to the selected row in a grid which I am setting as selectedItem inside my viewModel.
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Last Updated: 17 May 2021 09:14 by Diana
Created by: Diana
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Category: TileLayout
Type: Feature Request


I reallt think a refresh feature available for each container item would be great.

What I exactly need is a way to refresh the content of a card, without setting all the cards again by SetOption. You can ask me more about how I would like it to be (in case you need more feedback).

Thank you!

Diana Vijulie

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Last Updated: 14 May 2021 21:03 by Rick

The details for this can be found in ticket #1519224

Given some XML that has child nodes and attributes, I'm binding to a grid with no problem. The child grid for each row (built using detailInit) get's the data from the parent row"BillRows")

If those rows have attributes, the '@' signs breaks the javascript for the grid. As you can see in the ticket, every attribute needs to be renamed before I can build the child grid.

Should be a way to use attributes in XML bound to a datasource/grid for all levels of grids.


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Last Updated: 14 May 2021 04:09 by UloRd
  1. Create a box with background and text color like below in Excel

  2. Create quickanalysis for it

  3. Select Formatting -> Text That Cointains -> Custom Format...

  4. I chose red for the text and orange for the background

  5. The result in excel will be like this and save it

  6. Import it into kendoui spreadsheet


This shows up wrong when compared with on Excel.

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Last Updated: 13 May 2021 15:28 by Chetan
Created by: Andrew
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Category: Kendo UI for jQuery
Type: Feature Request
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Last Updated: 14 Sep 2020 11:18 by ADMIN
Hi there

We have a panel bar in a fixed size container.  The trouble is that when you scroll using the arrow keys, the active item does not come into view and you continue to scroll until you come back to the top.

Please see this dojo.  By selecting the panel bar and pressing the down arrow key a number of times you can scroll out of the container without knowing what item has focus.

Is there anyway to get the active item within the panel bar to be visible when you scroll to an item below (or above) the confines of the container?
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Last Updated: 17 Jul 2020 04:27 by Defense Me
Created by: Defense Me
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Category: PivotGrid
Type: Feature Request
Provide support for virtual scrolling.
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Last Updated: 15 Jun 2020 14:36 by Will
Created by: Imported User
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Category: MVVM
Type: Feature Request
I was trying to use negation operator in a binding using MVVM, just like angular does it, for example I am going to use, you could say why don't use "invisible", it could work on this example, but we have some others custom bindings, or some other scenarios were we have to create multiple properties to handle that, which is a pain.
<div id="example-1" data-bind="visible: !IsNotAdmin"></div>
<div id="example-1" data-bind="customBinding: !IsAdmin"></div>
So, are you supporting the negation operator on bindings or are you planning to do it?
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Last Updated: 10 Mar 2020 12:01 by ADMIN
Created by: Ron
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Category: Spreadsheet
Type: Feature Request

With Excel when you use a custom number format of #,##0.00 and you enter (10) into the cell it will be displayed as -10.  With the Spreadsheet control the same example yields (10).  How can we get the same behavior as Excel with the Spreadsheet control?


  dojo example:




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Last Updated: 27 Feb 2020 07:40 by ADMIN
Created by: yun
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Category: Chart
Type: Bug Report

When the data values ​​are all negative, if you create a line graph using kendo chart function, Autoscale on the Y axis is not applied properly. Please check if there is any possible solution.

The two attached figures are normally auto scaled, but the charts that combine the two graphs are not auotoscale normal.






issue chart

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Last Updated: 24 Jan 2020 08:51 by ADMIN


The API reference of the is incomplete. For instance: I'm missing the configuration property "collapseIcon".


The "iconPosition" configuration property has no effect. The examples do not show any icons (Chrome):




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Last Updated: 20 Dec 2019 09:33 by Daniel Blendea
Currently when the add() method is called on a DataSource, if the id, as defined in the Model, is included, then the sync method is called, the data is not persisted to the _pristineData object, and neither the Create nor Update transports are called.  This has the effect of not persisting the data and so if the cancel button is pushed on an edit screen, the added object is mysteriously dropped.  

Please see my post on the kendo forums for a more detailed explanation including demos of the issue.

I would suggest that anytime the add() method is used, it should be considered a 'new' record, or at least when the id provided does not match with any other id currently in the data array. If it matches a record in the data array, run the Update transport, otherwise, run the Create transport.  Simply including a value for the id should not remove the record from ever being persisted. 
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Last Updated: 11 Nov 2019 12:13 by Simon
For the Kendo Scheduler Recurrence Rule editor, it would be nice to have the possibility to select multiple options for the recurrence of monthly events. For example instead of only being able to select only the first Monday of the Month for a recurring event to be able to select every first and third Monday of the Month for a recurring event.
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Last Updated: 18 Oct 2019 09:13 by ADMIN
Created by: Christian
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Category: PDFViewer
Type: Bug Report



i have some problems with the updated pdf viewer.


The new print feature failed after the second print call.

Reproduction steps

  1. call
  2. click on print
  3. abort browser print dialog
  4. call again, there is no content in the print dialog preview or output



Furthermore the search wont work for me, i get only an browser alert and console log entry.

console log on init

jquery-3.4.1.min.js:2 Uncaught (in promise) Error: Syntax error, unrecognized expression: <span>
    at (jquery-3.4.1.min.js:2)
    at se.tokenize (jquery-3.4.1.min.js:2)
    at se.compile (jquery-3.4.1.min.js:2)
    at (jquery-3.4.1.min.js:2)
    at se (jquery-3.4.1.min.js:2)
    at (jquery-3.4.1.min.js:2)
    at Function.k.filter (jquery-3.4.1.min.js:2)
    at F.fn.init.k.fn.<computed> [as parent] (jquery-3.4.1.min.js:2)
    at F.fn.init.unwrap (jquery-3.4.1.min.js:2)
    at init.processTextNode (kendo.all.js:158104)


console log on search

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'matches' of undefined


I try to show the pdf viewer in an kendo window, is there any problem known?


Beste regards


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Last Updated: 30 Aug 2019 10:36 by ADMIN
Created by: Doug
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Category: Scroller (Mobile)
Type: Bug Report

Applying the following filter to a datasource

app.localDocs = new{
        data: app.docArray,
        schema: {
            model: app.doctorModel,
            total: function () {
                return app.docArray.length;

    app.doctorModel = new{
        id: "code",
        hasChildren: false,
        fields: {
            code: {
                type: "number",
                editable: "false"
            name: {
                type: "string",
                editable: false
            msp: {
                type: "string",
                editable: false

          filters: [
              field: "name",
              operator: "contains",
              value: $('#filterV').val()
              field: "msp",
              operator: "contains",
              value: $('#filterV').val()
            app.mobileApp.scroller().scrollTo(0, 0);



 Try the search using O'Brien  The list shows no results as soon as you hit the apostrophe.


Works fine on Safari on a mac, chrome on any system, but has the above result above on an ipad or iphone. 


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Last Updated: 16 Aug 2019 14:49 by ADMIN

Reproduction steps:

1. Open column menu

2. Using arrow keys, go to Filter menu item.

3. Hit right arrow to open Filter submenu

4. Tab through filter submenu

5. Hit escape.

Expected behaviour: Filter submenu closes and focus returns to the parent column menu

Actual behaviour: Both filter and column menu are closed.



This is an issue for accessibility users - there doesn't seem to be a way to return to the parent filter menu using the keyboard without closing all menus and reopening them.

There is one way for it to occur, and that is to use the mouse to place the focus on the Filter menu background - in this case hitting escape will close the Filter menu and focus will be returned to the parent column menu. However this is impractical for an accessibility user who is relying solely on keyboard navigation.


An example of where this (mostly) works is on the Columns submenu - the user can use the left arrow key or Escape to close the child menu or alternatively keep tabbing and they will eventually return to the parent menu (though if they do tab within the child menu, hitting Escape will close both the child and parent menus).

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Last Updated: 29 Jul 2019 04:58 by ADMIN
Created by: Somesh
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Category: PivotGrid
Type: Bug Report
when data present inside the array which are binding to pivotgrid read method then not an any issue BUT  When if one of the empty array binding to pivot grid read method after that wherever we try to bind the array with data it causing problem 'Cannot read property 'value' of undefined'.
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Last Updated: 22 Jun 2019 10:02 by Boyan

Dear Telerik,

My problem is behind the "timelineMonth" view of the Scheduler. In the documentation it is written that "showWorkHours" has a support only behind "day" and "week" views. But it is not really like that. In fact, it is included also in "timeline" and "timelineWeek" views and it works fine. Even more, this feature works also in "timelineMonth", but with a small exception that I want to focus on your attention. 

Here is an example showing the problem. It's only about selecting the "today" (in my example the "date" property is showing "today". The same behavior could be achieved if you change it to another date and click the "today" button).

I can show you another particular example describing why this feature is very useful. Here, if the user press on "show business hours" button and then select the "Timeline Month", he will break the logic behind. And it makes somehow the "Show Business Hours" button problematic. And let say I should make some workaround to avoid this thing happens, but not sure why.

Hope this is valuable.

Best Regards, Boyan.

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Last Updated: 25 Apr 2019 06:56 by ADMIN

We are working on enterprise product, which uses Progress Telerik jQuery KendoUI components extensively purchased by our Company. In which Kendo PanelBar is used in many modules of our product.

Now a days we are working on Accessibility (i.e. keyboard and screen reader) as part of out-of-box feature of our product.

The Kendo Panel Bar has been made accessible so that it can be navigated using the keyboard arrow keys, once it receives focus via Tab Key.

We have created small example on (i.e. which can be referred on to explain issue faced by us, when accessing via Screen Reader. Please find issues below:

  1. When the panel bar is initialized in expanded state and on receiving focus by Kendo PanelBar widget, screen reader reads Header as well as Content. Now because of this, content is read twice (i.e. second time when we navigate to content using down arrow keys one at a time). Whereas behavior in collapsed state is as expected.
  2. Also, to read out the expand/collapse event of PanelBar we need to programmatically remove role attribute from <ul> and <li> tags after initialization of widget.

Secondly when referring WAI-ARIA practices on website (i.e., we found some differences as explained below:

  1. Header of PanelBar or Accordion is surrounded by <button> inside <h3> (i.e. reference link is
  2. Content of PanelBar or Accordion has an aria-labelledby attribute with value containing ID of respective Header.
  3. In WAI-ARIA website PanelBar or Accordion is generated using combination of relevant <div> markup, whereas in Kendo, its generated using <ul> and <li> markup.
  4. In current implementation of Kendo PanelBar, focus is set to <ul>, whereas in demo of website its being set to <button> placed as a header in order to restrict reading of list keyword.

Kindly help us with your assistance.


Chirag Vidani

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