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Category: Gantt
Type: Feature Request
It would be nice if tasks could be added to gantt that are missing a start date, end date or both dates.

For our use case this feature is not only useful, but mandatory. We are visualising a project workflow that goes through several phases and steps. Within our application, the client fills in the dates for these tasks and milestones as the project progresses. Not all dates are filled-in at all times, however when a project manager creates a gantt chart, he wants to see all the tasks. A task without a date is an information in itself. 

Currently we have to create a fake date entry for tasks without dates.
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I have attached a simplified version of my app that reproduces the issue of infinite valueMapper requests.  

Reproduction steps:

  1. Open the example htm file 
  2. Open the browsers dev tools to the network tab and clear any request that have been logged.
  3. Click "Add New Load Stop." Result: A row will added to the list view that contains a combo box and one request to the Orders endpoint will be made.
  4. Set a value for the combo box that was added. Result: No additional request will be made if selecting from first few items in the list.
  5. Click "Add New Load Stop." Result: A second row will be added to the list view that also contains a combo box, a query to the Orders endpoint will be made, and an infinite number of requests will be made to the ValuMapper endpoint.

This is reproducible in both Edge and Chrome browsers.


Thank you for your help,



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We are working on enterprise product, which uses Progress Telerik jQuery KendoUI components extensively purchased by our Company. In which Kendo PanelBar is used in many modules of our product.

Now a days we are working on Accessibility (i.e. keyboard and screen reader) as part of out-of-box feature of our product.

The Kendo Panel Bar has been made accessible so that it can be navigated using the keyboard arrow keys, once it receives focus via Tab Key.

We have created small example on (i.e. which can be referred on to explain issue faced by us, when accessing via Screen Reader. Please find issues below:

  1. When the panel bar is initialized in expanded state and on receiving focus by Kendo PanelBar widget, screen reader reads Header as well as Content. Now because of this, content is read twice (i.e. second time when we navigate to content using down arrow keys one at a time). Whereas behavior in collapsed state is as expected.
  2. Also, to read out the expand/collapse event of PanelBar we need to programmatically remove role attribute from <ul> and <li> tags after initialization of widget.

Secondly when referring WAI-ARIA practices on website (i.e., we found some differences as explained below:

  1. Header of PanelBar or Accordion is surrounded by <button> inside <h3> (i.e. reference link is
  2. Content of PanelBar or Accordion has an aria-labelledby attribute with value containing ID of respective Header.
  3. In WAI-ARIA website PanelBar or Accordion is generated using combination of relevant <div> markup, whereas in Kendo, its generated using <ul> and <li> markup.
  4. In current implementation of Kendo PanelBar, focus is set to <ul>, whereas in demo of website its being set to <button> placed as a header in order to restrict reading of list keyword.

Kindly help us with your assistance.


Chirag Vidani

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When endless scrolling and grouping is enabled on the KendoUI grid, collapsing large groups causes the grid to load ALL the hidden detail rows into the DOM.


This takes a very long time for the grid to do, as well it violates the whole point of a paging system. (ie I only want you to load X records at a time). Afterwards the performance of entire website (including the grid) will be very poor since potentially thousands of rows have been loaded into the grid and then immediately hidden. Additionally, these rows do not add any value to the user, since they are all hidden anyways.


When a category is collapsed, the grid should NOT add any new rows for that category to the DOM.


I have included a sample that demonstrates the performance issues.

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Created by: Naveen
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Category: Spreadsheet
Type: Bug Report

Dear Concerned,

1. Launch

2. Open Workbook(1).xlsx (attached)

3. Edit B2, D2, F2 with some new values

4. See the results in B4, D4, F4

Calculations are different in Excel.


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Created by: vladan strigo
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Category: Grid
Type: Feature Request
We have a problem when working with grid in batch edit mode which puts different fields in the In cell edit mode.

The problem is that cell that are not edited (for example you create a new row, edit only the first field, press save) are never validated. This is of course because they never went into edit mode, so the control and validation was never rendered.

Please give us a feature for such scenario.
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Created by: Paul
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Category: Scheduler
Type: Feature Request
It would be very useful from a visual and functional perspective to be able to view scheduler items in a year view, that seems to be currently unsupported.
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Created by: David
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Category: Kendo UI for jQuery
Type: Feature Request
Implement a Timeline Year view for the Scheduler, which holds slots with duration one month.
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Created by: Albert
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Category: Kendo UI for jQuery
Type: Bug Report


open new window using the button, and close all window one by one, then see that k-overlay is still stay in page

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Created by: Papas
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Category: TreeList
Type: Bug Report

Steps to reproduce bug:

  • add also toolbar: ["excel"] on config options
  • Run dojo and hit export

The result has broken Headers

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Created by: Vinay
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Category: Kendo UI for jQuery
Type: Feature Request

Saving large data to xlsx takes longer time to complete.

Evaluate optimizing the value setting and the usage of CellSelection.

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Created by: Tayger
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Category: Upload
Type: Feature Request
When uploading a file the option "allowedExtensions" cares about the case sensitivity and blocks f.e. a file called "image.PNG" when allowedExtension is set to "png" (lower cased). 

Expected: Case sensitivity will be ignored or could be activated/deactivated by another option.
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Created by: Matjaz
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Category: Editor
Type: Feature Request
Editor does not support placeholder. It would be nice, to have this feature.

Posting suggestion based on forum topic:
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Created by: Matt
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Category: Kendo UI for jQuery
Type: Feature Request
Some of the Kendo UI font icons unicode numbers are reserved in iOS (e.g e007, e006, etc. ). Thus, with the current implementation of the Kendo UI themes, before the font is loaded, the default icons corresponding to these unicode characters are being displayed. This is especially the case with a slow network connection.

A suggestion to handle the issue is to use a font loading strategy that renders an invisible fallback font face, or a font face observer.
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In the Wizard to create or update an MVC project, and possibly other wizards, please add support for choosing which cultures that you want to include. 


This could be done by adding checkboxes in a tree where you could at first level choose language and then expand and choose country/region, since the files follow the format:

<language code>-<country/region code>. 

Most people probably only use English and/or their native language, so please make this a choice in the wizard.

As an example. In one of the latest versions of the framework, the folders for cultures and messages contain 1786 files in total. Out of those we only need 2, the ones for our native language. 

Slowly installing and then manually deleting 1784 files in Visual Studio for every time you run the MVC wizards, is a complete waste of time for such a common scenario where you know whihc languages that the app should support. 







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Created by: Matthew
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Category: Chart
Type: Feature Request

It would be great if hierarchical chart types were available. Currently there's not a good way to represent hierarchical data outside of a TreeMap, but TreeMaps don't always work well (particularly for small datapoints). An ideal chart type would be the sunburst chart (nested pie/donut charts), as it can have multiple layers, hide a segment (and all children), and potentially zoom into child layers.

There are a variety of sunburst examples currently out there from other Javascript libraries:
d3 (one of many variations):

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With this customization it will be possible to use checkboxes or combo boxes and normalize the selection of data. Actually is possible to use only text and date columns.
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Last Updated: 17 Apr 2019 12:46 by Matt
I'd like to have the ability for icons to be displayed in Internet Explorer even when web font downloads are disabled.

It seems the best way to support this scenario is to use inline SVG in order to support changing the icon colors.


Thank you.
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Created by: Daniel
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Category: Editor
Type: Bug Report

Dear Telerik team,


when I apply a HTML-text with a paragraph to kendo editor it does show a vertical scroll bar in IE. Which is wrong. Chrome does not. See this dojo:


How can I fix this?


Kind regards


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