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As per this post: http://www.telerik.com/forums/pivotgrid-bug

When using PivotGrid with a flat data source the handles for dragging the dimensions are labelled with a different string to the dimension headers.

The dimension headers are labelled with the dataSource.schema.cube.dimensions.[name].caption.

The dimension drag handles are labelled with the dataSource.rows.name (or dataSource.columns.name).

Now, the dataSource.rows.name must be the key in the dataSource.schema.cube.dimensions of the dimension and this must also be a key in each item in the data array -- the field that stores the value of the dimension -- and therefore is in general not suitable for showing to users.

In any case, it seems to me to be a bug that the drag handle is labelled with a different string to the dimension caption.
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Currently measures are displayed as dimensions and there is no visual difference  between them.
I suggest you showing measures as a very first item in the pivot grid configurator. Also please use a  meaningful icon for this item.
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Bug report
TimePicker filter does not show all time slots after clearing the filter since v. 2020.3.1021

Reproduction of the problem
Dojo: https://dojo.telerik.com/oseJEqay
1. Open the filter menu and select a time period to filter, Apply filter.
2. Open the filter menu again, open the drop-down you can see all items.
3. Click clear filter.
4. Open the filter menu again, click on the drop-down, you can see that the only item on that list for time picker is 12am.

### Expected/desired behavior
All time slots shall be present in the dropdown list
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Scheduled for 2022.R1
Created by: jose eduardo
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Category: Kendo UI for jQuery
Type: Bug Report

When the Grid is rendered inside of a ListBox, the edit of a cell is immediately cancelled due to the focus being stolen from the ListBox.


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Scheduled for 2022.R1
Created by: Michael D
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Category: Pager
Type: Bug Report

The Pager keyboard navigation now includes the keys ENTER and ESC that allow to "enter" a detailed pager navigation as explained in https://docs.telerik.com/kendo-ui/controls/data-management/pager/accessibility/keyboard-navigation.

However, the key events bubble up the DOM. In our case, this causes unwanted effects like closing popups etc. (we close popups on ESC).

Shouldn't the propagation be prevented for keyboard events that are handled by the pager itself?

I've created a small DOJO which demostrates this behavior: Note how the keydown event of the outer container is always fired, even if ESC was pressed to navigate inside the pager.

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I've noticed that any attempt at calling `dataSource.read()` on a datasource attached to a Kendo Menu results in keyboard accessibility breaking.


Steps to reproduce:

1. Use this code as a starter: https://dojo.telerik.com/IJOyUzEX/2

2. Notice that tabbing to the menu works the first time 

3. Activate the menu and close it.

4. Now try to tab into the menu again. It does no longer work.


Are there any better methods to have Kendo Menu dynamically generate the list everytime an open event is triggered?

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The Pager keyboard navigation now includes the keys ENTER and ESC that allow to "enter" a detailed pager navigation as explained in https://docs.telerik.com/kendo-ui/controls/data-management/pager/accessibility/keyboard-navigation.

However, if you focus a control after the pager and then move your focus backwards (towards the pager) using SHIFT+TAB, the focus jumps directly into the pager instead of focusing the whole container first.

This behavior can also be reproduced using this DOJO: https://dojo.telerik.com/ulIJEJik.

This bug only appears if you start navigating backwards (i.e. if you start before the pager, move over it and then go backwards, everything is fine)..

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Release 2021.R3.SP.next



in the Typescript bindings, the JQuery $("...").data("kendoXXX") Methods do not include undefined in there return values.



-> in the second script section, it is also documented that it can return undefined, when there is no widget instance found.

It also returns undefined, when the selector doesn't match any element.


Please include undefined in the return values.

Pending Review
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Created by: Michael D
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Category: Toolbar
Type: Bug Report

The Typescript definitions for Kendo UI define the kendo.ui.ToolBarOpenEvent as follows:

interface ToolBarEvent {
        sender: ToolBar;
        preventDefault: Function;
        isDefaultPrevented(): boolean;

interface ToolBarOpenEvent extends ToolBarEvent {
        SplitButton?: JQuery | undefined;

The event is also documented that way in https://docs.telerik.com/kendo-ui/api/javascript/ui/toolbar/events/open. However, the corrersponding method in kendo-toolbar.js:446-453 does the following:

open: function (e) {
    var isDefaultPrevented = that.toolbar.trigger(OPEN, { target: element });
    if (isDefaultPrevented) {
Therefore, the SplitButton property is never set, instead, target can be used.
Pending Review
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Created by: Michael D
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Category: Diagram
Type: Bug Report

The Typescript definitions for Kendo UI define the connections() method which is part of the kendo.dataviz.diagram.Shape interface as follows:

connections(type: string): void;

The documentation (https://docs.telerik.com/kendo-ui/api/javascript/dataviz/diagram/shape/methods/connections) however, specifies:

Returns the connections attached to the shape. You can optionally specify to return only the incoming or outgoing connections.


Therefore, connections() should not be of type void and the type parameter should be optional.


To solve this issue, we currently cast both the parameter and the result.

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Scheduled for 2022.R1

When the autofitcolumn method is used together with multi-headers and hidden columns, some of the columns are either not visible at all or shrunken.

The problem can be observed in the following Dojo:


The CompanyName column should be visible, however it is not. If the example is ran in fullscreen, the column will be visible, however it will shrink if the Browser window gets smaller.

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In Excel I can create a merged cell. For this example, I will merge A1:B1 and name the range MyCell.  Next I name the single cell D5, and call it MyAnswer.  I can enter the following formula into MyAnswer, =MyCell and Excel will return the result.

Using Telerik if I create the same layout I get a #Value or #Spill error because Telerik requires MyAnswer to be the same merge configuration as MyCell which creates a significant disadvantage in usability.

Can you please advise when this issue will be fixed in Telerik.

I have attached a screen recording of this not working in your Dojo named "Telerik merge cell reference not working when not same col.mov".

Thank you so much.

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Created by: Sebastian
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Category: PivotGrid
Type: Feature Request
It would be nice to have a chart chooser for the PivotGrid build in (a dropdown that i can place anywhere). At the moment it is really difficult to display a PivotGrid in a chart or even change the chart type on the fly. This and the convertion to a chart could be build in so every developer don't need to worry about this.

What i visualize is a dropdown menu which shows all posible chart types. If i choose one, the pivot grid disapears and on it's position the choosen chart apears (optional with the PivotConfigurator in the side). From a chart i can switch back to the pivot grid or choose another chart type.
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In SPA applications the combobox popups are left on the page even after the page is removed. This causes memory issues when there are alot of pages with these popups. Please allow configurations to remove these elements when page is navigated away

Refer to ticket#: 920564
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Created by: Basvaraj
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Category: Grid
Type: Feature Request
I have a grid with Column Employee Name and i have Employee names as John and john. As you see the names are same but case sensitive is different. When i group the column Employee Name. The Kendo grid treats it as separate values.
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Add format configuration for Pivot schema rows and columns. Like aggregates config.
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Created by: Anthony
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Category: MaskedTextBox
Type: Feature Request
Given a pattern of "90:00", if someone types '2:' it will presently reject the ':'
What would be better is a pattern of "9?0:00" where the '?' indicates an optional character. Then if someone types "2:" it could recognize the optional character and automatically insert a space. 
  The same would apply for dates, e.g. "00/00/0000", would become "0?0/0?0/0000" and then you could type "2/4/2015" and it would insert the spaces
  The benefit of this is that the user can see what format is expected but can also type in a faster manner
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Bug report

When the content pasted in the Editor contains the 'MsoNormal' class the new lines are not preserved.

Reproduction of the problem

  1. Open the Dojo.
  2. Copy the text that is above the Editor and paste it in the Editor.

Current behavior

The text after the 'MsoNormal' class is pasted on a single line.

Expected/desired behavior

The new lines should be preserved.


  • Kendo UI version: 2021.3.1109
  • Browser: [all ]
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Refresh Event Handler for refreshing the grid with refresh set to true
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