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Bug report

Pdf export comes with loader when Kendo grid with endless scroll and allPages enabled

Reproduction of the problem


Expected/desired behavior
No loading indicator shall be rendered in the exported PDF

Kendo UI version: all
Browser: all

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Please provide functionality for transposing a grid out of the box. My team has many members who need this functionality. For the moment, everone is transposing the data and then binding it to the grid. Please let me know when we can get to see this functionality. Thanks!
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Created by: Scott Waye
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Category: Grid
Type: Feature Request
The grid does not resize properly when placed in css flex containers (http://www.telerik.com/forums/how-to-use-grid-in-css-flexible-box#i5x2DlCtiEyWLXLVRg5U-g)  .  Would be good if it supported css flex, and the new css grid as a bonus
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This may be more of a bug, but Kendo does not allow you to call showColumn() or hideColumn() when the grid itself is not visible. If you look in the showColumn / hideColumn methods in kendo.grid.js, we can see that there is a .filter(":visible") on the columns in place. Unfortunately for us, our Kendo grid isn't always visible (it can be collapsed: think $.slideUp). Instead, we get an error saying (on the following line) that "style" could not be set on undefined - because our hidden grid's hidden column header doesn't pass the :visible filter.

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Kendoui grid date filterable "Is equal to" - Make it have a range base on what is input

If you have a date column in a grid and you filter it
and select "Is equal to"
it currently doesn't work very good unless your dates/time
are all on 12:00:00.000 AM

Maybe you could make the filter do this when "Is equal to"

If you select or inputput:

	It will find the following rows:
	02/22/2004 00:00:00.000 <= datesFound < 02/23/2004 00:00:00.000

2/22/2004 06:
	It will find the following rows:
	02/22/2004 06:00:00.000 <= datesFound < 02/23/2004 07:00:00.000

2/22/2004 06:50
	It will find the following rows:
	02/22/2004 06:50:00.000 <= datesFound < 02/23/2004 07:51:00.000

2/22/2004 06:50:20
	It will find the following rows:
	02/22/2004 06:50:20.000 <= datesFound < 02/23/2004 07:51:21.000

2/22/2004 06:50:20.034
	It will find the following rows:
	02/22/2004 06:50:20.034 <= datesFound < 02/23/2004 07:51:21.035

Maybe have a toggle for (0-12 AM/PM) or (00-23 24 hour clock)
in the datetimepicker with a default setting that can be configured.

Maybe make the datetimepicker have a range for each 
Hour, minute, second, millisecond, AM/PM
* or blank - could act like a regular expression but would need to have the
    higher unit set. IE: (

		06:50:20.035   , 06:50:20.*   , 06:50:*.*   , 06:*:*.*   , *:*:*.*
		 6:50:20.035 AM,  6:50:20.* AM,  6:50:*.* AM,  6:*:*.* AM, *:*:*.* *

		Not this:
			*:50:*.* *

HH     ,        MM    , ss    , fff
00-23;*,        0-59;*, 0-59;*, 000 - 999;*


H      , tt     , MM    , ss    , fff
0-12;* , AM/PM;*, 0-59;*, 0-59;*, 000 - 999;*

The yyyy,MM,dd could also be done this way so you could get all the rows
for a yyyy****, yyyyMM**, yyyyMMdd

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Provide support for momentum scrolling in Mobile Safari for virtualization of remote data grids.

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The problem can be observed in the following Dojo:


The filter row appears on top of the Sticky Column.

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When the grid is initially hidden and then revealed programmatically, the pageSizes (and several other elements) are not rendered.


  1.  Go to https://dojo.telerik.com/EBugiKAZ
  2. Press Run and click the button, see no pageSizes and no "1 - 1 of 4 items" text
  3. Resize the browser window and see the elements appear (requires a minimum size, seems responsive related)

This also breaks when you have grid in a hidden div that you toggle open and it breaks in both Chrome and Firefox

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Hi All,

We are facing a weird issue in kendo grid when both group paging and virtual scrolling are enabled for local data. Please see https://dojo.telerik.com/ICoDAleN/2 as example.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Run the code from https://dojo.telerik.com/ICoDAleN/2.

2. Try to group "DateTime" column by drag and drop to grouping header

3. After "DateTime" column is grouped, then un-group it by click cross icon of DateTime button.

4. Now you try to scroll down the grid, until ID column reach around 40, you will see the ID will jump back to around 0, and you will never see the rows which IDs are greater than 40.

5. If you open Developer Tools of browser, you will see following errors.

Uncaught ReferenceError: DateTimeDisplayValue is not defined
    at eval (eval at compile (kendo.all.js:234), <anonymous>:3:1078)
    at init._rowsHtml (kendo.all.js:71887)
    at init._renderContent (kendo.all.js:72745)
    at init.refresh (kendo.all.js:72565)
    at init.d (jquery.min.js:2)
    at init.trigger (kendo.all.js:164)
    at init._process (kendo.all.js:8113)
    at init._processRangeData (kendo.all.js:9026)
    at init.range (kendo.all.js:8857)
    at init._page (kendo.all.js:64643)


6. If you group other columns, for example, group "Subject" column, and then un-group it, then scroll down the grid, you will not see this issue.


How to fix it? is there any workaround?





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Created by: Natalia
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Category: Grid
Type: Feature Request
The Grid should be able to easly navigate from rows with the keyboard, and also select them by enter.
Under Review
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I like what FooTable.js does with a html table.  (hide fields based on breakpoints) and place them so that they are available via click on +
Under Review
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"NoRecordsTemplate" - At present a small text is being shown at the bottom of the grid if there are no records which is not prominent. please add back the NoRecordsTemplate so it can be displayed inside the grid and can be customized

"Clear all filters" - It is very tough to clear filters one by one please all clear all option
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Created by: Oskar
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Category: Grid
Type: Feature Request
with grouping/sorting/fixed wrapper size + prevent default select


My changes: 
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Created by: Max
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Category: Grid
Type: Feature Request
there are ready to use methods fadeIn & fadeOut for animation In jQuery. Kendo UI Window already uses nifty close-effect, how about implementing this behavior for a grid-control. Expanding/Colapsing Detail-Gird in Hierarchy will go smoothly and comply with other controls' animation.
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### Bug report

The column menu of the Kendo UI Grid widget with componentType set to 'modern' has missing translations in the default filter menu.

### Reproduction of the problem

1. Create a filterable grid and enable the column menu with componentType 'modern';

2. Include the localization script for "fr-CA" in the document from the CDN;

3. Open the column menu and expand the filter menu of a specified column. The logic operators "And" and "Or" are not translated.

A Dojo sample for reproduction: https://dojo.telerik.com/UYIrABUw

### Expected/desired behavior

When the column menu type is set to "modern", the operators of the filter menu should be translated as in the "classic' column menu.

### Environment

* **Kendo UI version: 2021.3.914
* **jQuery version: 1.12.4
* **Browser: [all]

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Searching by date range is a very common use-case in most business applications. I need a From and To calendar controls in the row filter.

I would advise Telerik to put this functionality on the roadmap, else the row filter functionality is so restrictive as to render it useless. 

I am having to roll my own filters above the grid because of this one omission which is a real shame because the rest of the Grid functionality is so good.

(I don't want to use filters in column headers because I don't like the fact you loose visibility of what filters are on - probably the reason for the grid rows introduction)
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i have a grid with number column and the template is replace the number with a text according to the number, but the sort is according to the number which is not correct.
for example: data[ status: 1 , 2 , 3 ]  the template return Cancelled for 1 Accept for 2 and in Processes for 3. it shoul be sorted in that order: Accept ,Cancelled, in Processes but actually is sort like that: Cancelled, Accept, in Processes 
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Based on the examples here (http://demos.telerik.com/kendo-ui/web/grid/editing-custom.html), "incell" editing allows editing a single cell at a time. The edit mode is activated upon a single click in the cell.

I would like to have a way to combine this with "cell" selectable mode, e.g. like this?
* A single click on a cell selects the cell and fires the "change" event.
* A double click on a cell activates the edit mode for the cell.
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Created by: Nariman
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Category: Grid
Type: Feature Request
Hi, Please refer to the following forum for more detail about the problem and my suggestion:

Summary: I think in Grid widget, there should be difference between selectable="cell" and selectable="row" (for keyboard Up&Down Arrow navigation). or perhaps you want to add another choice, example selectable: "row cell" (to replace the current setting for "row") and the selectable = "row", just select the row not cell and also DO NOT go to grid header!
I believe it's good that you enhance/solve this shortcoming inside the Grid design, because developer like us who has already decided row selection (selectable: "row") during design-time, it doesn't make sense that still the keyboard navigation is at the cell level, isn't it?

Thank you.
Under Review
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Created by: David Tessler
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Category: Grid
Type: Feature Request
Add a Title tag to grid headers so that if the user mouseouvers they can see the column title/filed name if it has been clipped by the ellipsis
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