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Release 2020.3
Created on: 11 Jun 2020 19:50
Category: Date/Time Pickers
Type: Bug Report
DateTimePicker shows an outline when timepicker focused

The Timepicker portion of Date/Timepicker is showing an odd border and the highlight is slicing that border in half when hovering/clicking within the timepicker.  I looked at the timepicker only control, and this border is not showing.

I am attaching the 2 the snippets from for each of the 2 controls to show the display difference.


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Alex Hajigeorgieva
Posted on: 15 Jun 2020 15:05

Hello, Brad,

Thank you very much for getting in touch to report this behaviour and please accept our apology for any inconvenience.

I can confirm that this is a bug and I have moved the thread from the forums to our Feedback Portal here:

If you prefer, you may also follow its progress in this repository on GitHub:

As a workaround, you may remove the outline by using the CSS rule below. 


As a token of appreciation for helping us improve, I have also added some Telerik points to your account.

Kind Regards,
Alex Hajigeorgieva
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