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Created on: 15 Aug 2016 10:06
Category: Spreadsheet
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Spreadsheet: Filtering Merged Rows
On excel, you can filter merged rows. On the kendo spreadsheet widget, filtering on merged rows is not possible. It would be a very useful feature for us. 

Also worth noting is that if you convert an excel file to JSON using Telerik RadSpreadProcessing, and load the kendo widget with the JSON, the widget displays a filter icon but clicking it loads a non-functioning filter. Wouldn't it make more sense to load with a message along the lines of 'You loaded a spreadsheet with filters applied to merged rows, which is not supported in this widget'. Otherwise it's quite confusing to our users.
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Posted on: 10 Sep 2019 10:15



Filtering on merged rows in Spreadsheet widget is currently possible, as demonstrated in the example in this dojo. Filtering can be applied both on vertically merged cells as well as on horizontally merged cells.

In regards to the issue reported on loading JSON file that was converted from an excel file using Telerik RadSpreadProcessing, would it be possible to send a sample file as I was not able to reproduce the issue?

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