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Last Updated: 17 Sep 2018 11:45 by ADMIN
Created on: 05 Jul 2016 08:41
Category: Scheduler
Type: Feature Request
SignalR: Map the required scheduler properties in the MVC wrapper automatically. Like it does with other data sources.
Currently you have to map every required property manually. Like this:

                model.Field("start", typeof(DateTime)).From("Start");
                model.Field("end", typeof(DateTime)).From("End");
                model.Field("title", typeof(string)).From("Title");
                model.Field("description", typeof(string)).From("Description");
                model.Field("recurrenceID", typeof(int)).From("RecurrenceID");
                model.Field("recurrenceRule", typeof(string)).From("RecurrenceRule");
                model.Field("recurrenceException", typeof(string)).From("RecurrenceException");
                model.Field("isAllDay", typeof(bool)).From("IsAllDay");
                model.Field("startTimezone", typeof(string)).From("StartTimezone");
model.Field("endTimezone", typeof(string)).From("EndTimezone");

It would be nice to be able to use the short form:


The problem is not the "huge" amount of typing. What did cost me time was finding out that the SignalR version isn't working like the others.