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Created on: 29 Feb 2016 16:00
Category: Window
Type: Feature Request
Add "restore" event in kendo.window.js
Currently kendoWindow class publishes a "minimize" event but not the corresponding "restore" event, as far as I can tell.  We need to catch the "restore" for our UI case, as follows:  The default Minimize action leaves the window width unchanged, and collapses the height to 32 pixels.  But we'd like to also shrink the minimized width, in order to further save space.  It's easy to do that, via the minimize event, but then getting the original width back upon Restore is a problem - I can't find a straightforward way to do that, because the presence of the Restore button ("k-i-restore" class) is elusive - it isn't present at startup, nor is it found at the end of our custom "onMinimize" method.  In the absence of the "restore" event, if anyone can suggest a straightforward way to accomplish the above, we would be grateful.
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Posted on: 26 May 2017 08:52
Please implement, it is literally 3 line of code:

define RESTORE ="restore";
add RESTORE to Events;
trigger("restore") in restore method;
Posted on: 18 Nov 2016 08:46
This is a great idea. There is a hack around what you want to do, as I've implemented it already. However in my solution I'm using AngularJS and want to update AngularJS variables inside the window.maximize / window.minimize and window.restore functions and cannot.