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Created on: 19 Oct 2015 16:43
Category: Spreadsheet
Type: Feature Request
Spreadsheet: Render cell using custom html
It would be great if you could put images to cells using html. E.g.: <img src="..."> would result in an image in the cell.
Posted on: 06 Jul 2022 11:37

Hello, William,

Could you please state your question in a new support ticket/forum thread as a more appropriate place to discuss the matter? There you can also share further details on the issue you are experiencing (preferably in a Dojo example) and steps on how to reproduce it. We will then be able to provide more information on the matter.

Thank you for the understanding!

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Posted on: 29 Jun 2022 13:16

But is there a way to export it to Excel and maintain the HTML output?  When I exported it it shows the tags


<b>bold</b></br> Another

I tried to make it multi lined

Posted on: 17 Sep 2020 17:30

Hey everyone!

With R3 2020 we introduced the ability for a range of cells to allow for their value to be evaluated as HTML, letting a cell or range of cells use HTML to display content. Please refer to this specific Spreadsheet API reference to see a sample of how to configure cells to accept HTML and to play around with the behavior.

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Posted on: 06 Mar 2019 21:07
Yes please enable custom html. I would like to have a cell that has an element instantiated with Kendo ContextMenu that will provide additional functionality. Thank you.
Bryan Patrick
Posted on: 03 Jul 2018 16:52
I agree with allowing templates like Kendo Grid.  That would take care of some of the other suggestions (Include Images, Include buttons, Include checkboxes).  
Posted on: 21 Feb 2017 15:29
Yes, and cell or column template should be provided like kendo grid. Template for inserting button in all the cells or image are general scenarios we required.
Posted on: 08 Nov 2016 09:03
Yes! With most other HTML grids, you can supply an HTML template for a cell... Lets add this to the Spreadsheet control...
Imported User
Posted on: 02 Feb 2016 09:32
spreadsheet cell renders each cell as text node. It should have an option to render it as html node based on some configuration.