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Created on: 25 Aug 2014 14:18
Category: Chart
Type: Feature Request
Kendo UI Bar Chart - Allow grouping of related bars.
Need the ability to group related bars on UI Chart.  We are not able to accomplish this using spacing and gaps currently.  We have multiple series of data but some of the series of data is related and there is no way to put the bars closer together to show the relationship without bunching all bars for a given interval together.
Posted on: 26 Aug 2014 14:35
Thank you.  The problem is that when you stack it adds the values together and that is not what we need.  We need to related values to be closer together.  We have put in two tickets to your team and both said that what we are looking for is not possible via Kendo and they recommended that we put in a new request for new functionality. (Support ID:852517 -- Bar chart spacing between series && Support ID:843391 -- Kendo UI Chart Zoom with stacked bars). In the tickets I provide jsbin examples.  Let me know if these are clear enough.
Posted on: 26 Aug 2014 13:57
We tried that option, but it didn't zoom correctly.  See, our data is stacked with the aggregate being no more than 100%.  The bottom bar is usually around 98% while the one stacked on top of it is about 1%.  Since the data is always all around the 100% mark, we would like to zoom in to see the 95-100% range.  However, when we use the inherent zoom, it gets rid of the 1% bar because it is less than the 95% we zoomed to.

That's when we tried grouping within the category series of the bar chart (so that we could move a 99% bar behind a 98% bar and get the same effect as the stacked bars but with appropriate zoom features).  However, we cannot group "like" bars within a category series, which is what we would like Kendo to implement.

Telerik Admin
Posted on: 26 Aug 2014 13:14
You can stack and group data in bar charts in the following way:

If you are looking for an alternative bar chart grouping functionality, please elaborate a bit more on this in order to understand your request better.