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Created on: 10 Mar 2023 06:10
Category: Kendo UI for jQuery
Type: Bug Report
Accessibility bug
Incorrect role defined as "Link" for all the "collapsed/expand" button in the Scoring page.
2.Navigate to the 'Run' button using tab key and activate it using enter key.
3.Turn on Screen Reader.
4.Navigate to the grid table UI present inside the right pane.
5.Observe the screen reader announcement.

Actual Result:
Incorrect role defined as "Link" for all the "collapsed/expand" button in the Scoring page. Screen reader announce like "enter table 3 by 9 link collapsed, table header Traces".

Expected Result:
Correct role should be defined as button for all the "collapsed/expand" button. Screen reader should announce like "enter table 3 by 9 collapsed, table header Traces".

User Impact:
When interactive elements have an incorrect role, it is difficult for people using assistive technology (like screen readers) to understand the purpose of the control. Knowing the role for a control helps users know what will happen when that object has focus and is selected, as well as what keyboard shortcuts to use when interacting with the control.
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Posted on: 16 Mar 2023 15:44


Thank you very much for reporting the behavior.

I have changed the status of the item to 'Unplanned' which means it is a valid bug that is not yet scheduled for fixing.

As a token of gratitude for reporting the issue, I have updated your Telerik points.

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