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Michael D
Created on: 06 Feb 2023 14:38
Category: Toolbar
Type: Bug Report
Toolbar - items are no longer clickable when using the attributes option to add a custom class to a toolbar sub-item

The Kendo UI Toolbar widget supports adding attributes to the created DOM elements of items via the various attributes options for items, splitButtons and buttonGroups. I wanted to use this feature for adding custom CSS classes to sub-items of splitButtons. However, this seems to stop the "k-item" and "k-menu-item" classes from being added to the "li" DOM element. The sub-item is no longer clickable. This DOJO demonstrates the behavior.

The problem can be fixed by re-adding those classes manually in addition to the custom CSS class.

I have not tested what happens when custom CSS classes are added to usual items or items in buttonGroups.

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Veselin Tsvetanov
Posted on: 13 Feb 2023 10:44

Hi Michael,

Thank you for the reported issue. The observed is a bug in the SplitButton and the DropDownButton implementation. Here you could find the GitHub issue I have logged on the above:

As a small token of gratitude for reporting the above, I have updated your Telerik points.

Veselin Tsvetanov
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