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Moving files MORE than one level upwards in a folder hierarchy is bugged

Moving files MORE than one level upwards in a folder hierarchy is bugged.

If you have a nested folder hierarchy like this:




1. moving a file from folder1 to folder2 works.

2. moving a file from folder2 to folder1 works.

3. moving a file from folder1 to folder3 works.

4. moving a file from folder3 to folder1 is BUGGED.

I have the issue in my code, but I also tested it in your demo site and it has the same problem.


I have uploaded a screen dump of the error output from Chrome.

It is in or after the DataBinding event (Comming from Create action), the the error occurs, thus causing the Delete action and refresh of the UI to never occur.

The bug occurs in both Chrome and IE Edge.

Please fix the bug.

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Posted on: 18 Nov 2022 13:52


Thank you for the report I am converting this to a bug report so that you can track the status of the report. 

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