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Created on: 10 Oct 2022 19:26
Category: DateRangePicker
Type: Feature Request
DateRangePicker selection process confuses users. should be able to select dates independantly for from and to range.

When you spin up a DateRangePicker it looks like there are two independent date picker controls but unfortunately they act as a set.  the user selects the first (from) date picker and it forces them to select the to range as well.

It would be much better for users if the datepickers were independent of each other with built in range verification logic.

for some users the other way might make more sense but for alot it is confusing.

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Georgi Denchev
Posted on: 17 Oct 2022 14:26

Hello, Joseph,

The main idea behind the DateRangePicker is to behave in the described way. If the project requirement is to have two independent widgets, then my advice would be to use the regular DatePicker instead and perform the validation manually.

You can use the value() method to retrieve the value of each datepicker and then compare the dates to validate the range.

Best Regards,
Georgi Denchev
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