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Created on: 08 Sep 2022 11:52
Category: TaskBoard
Type: Feature Request
Taskboard search option must be customizable


Currently toolbar search option is considering only title & description fields. However I have a scenario where I may have to display 3 to 4 fields as card description, so I am using template to render the card. But search option is not working for all fields.

Can a configuration option for searchableFields array be exposed to overwrite the title & description search?

This was discussed in detail in the Ticket 1578857.

Could you please consider this a much needed requirement and prioritize the feature?



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Posted on: 14 Sep 2022 06:18

Hello Rajpradeep,

Thank you for logging the Feature Request. 

As it could be helpful to the other users that have the same issue I will paste the suggested workaround below as well. 

I would suggest you to add a keyup event listener to the search input. Then you could use the dataSource filter method and filter the TaskBoard datasource:

 $('.k-searchbox').on('keyup', function(ev){
    var search = $('.k-searchbox .k-input-inner').val()
    var dataSource = $("#taskBoard").data('kendoTaskBoard').dataSource;
    dataSource.filter( { field: "customField", operator: "contains", value: search });

Here you will find the modified Dojo example. - https://dojo.telerik.com/@NeliKondova/UpOneTiC

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