Last Updated: 06 Sep 2022 07:19 by Steven
Created on: 06 Sep 2022 07:19
Category: MultiColumnComboBox
Type: Bug Report
k-hover is applied unexpectedly in MutliColumnComboBox with virtualization

Bug report

When virtualization is enabled in the MultiColumnComboBox and the user scrolls down in the popup to load new items sometimes an item that is not actually hovered is highlighted as hovered (the 'k-hover' class is applied).

Reproduction of the problem

  1. Open the Dojo
  2. Scroll down to load new items. Note, that the behavior is not consistent and is not reproducible every time.

Current behavior

Sometimes random item that is not hovered has the 'k-hover' class.
screencast - https://www.screencast.com/t/KXhG7SBkE6

Expected/desired behavior

Items that are not hovered should not have the k-hover class and should not be highlighted as hovered.


  • Kendo UI version: 2022.2.802
  • Browser: [all ]