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Created on: 25 Aug 2022 12:49
Category: Grid
Type: Bug Report
In Filter Flyout Labels are not Associated with their Respective Fields.

Test Environment:

OS: Windows_11
Version: 21H2
OS Build: 22000.795

Browser: Version 103.0.1264.71 (Official Build) (64-bit)

AT (include version number): Narrator

Repro Steps:

1. Open given URL in Edge Dev.

2. Enable Narrator using 'Ctrl+ Win + Enter' key. 

3. Navigate to the filters present on table and activate it.

4. Navigate on the available fields of filter flyout and observe Narrator is announcing label information on fields or not.


Actual Results:

In filter flyout labels are not associated with their respective fields.


Expected Results:

 All labels should be associated with their respective labels in filter flyout.

Narrator should also announce the same.

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Georgi Denchev
Posted on: 01 Sep 2022 08:11


Thank you for the provided recording.

Information about Ticket products

I've noticed that this thread was not opened for the Kendo UI Grid product. Please make sure that the correct product is selected when opening Bug Reports/Feature Requests, otherwise there might be delays with our response.

Additional Information

I've examined the provided recording, as well as the information in the thread, however I can't quite understand what the exact problem is. When I start Narrator and open the Filter Menu Customization demo in Edge, and then I expand the popup, Narrator announces the "Show Items" label as well as the first combobox.

Then I press Tab to go to the next Combobox and Narrator announces "Select Value". If I hit "Enter" the combobox is expanded and I can navigate through the available options.

Could you please clarify a bit more about the following part?

Narrator is announcing label information on fields or not.

When the Filter Menu icon is focused(before the menu is expanded) Narrator announces that this is the "City Filter column settings". Upon activation, it proceeds with reading out the available elements in the "City Filter".

Best Regards,
Georgi Denchev
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