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Created on: 28 Jun 2022 19:53
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How to customize Sitefinity's WYSIWYG Table Wizard to hide the Table and Cell tabs and just leave the Accessibility tab


I'm looking to find a way to hide the Table tab and Cee tab on the Table Wizard. Is there a way to do this?


Sunny Carrandi

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Posted on: 12 Jul 2022 19:26

Hi Neli, 

I really appreciate your answer, I apologize for my late response. I was able to accomplish my requirement following your suggestions! Thank you! I really appreciate it!

#k-table-wizard-tabs ul li:first-child, #k-table-wizard-tabs ul li:nth-child(2) {
    display: none !important;

#k-table-properties, #k-cell-properties {
    display: none !important;

#k-accessibility-properties {
    display: block !important;
Posted on: 05 Jul 2022 08:21

Hi Sunny,

You can use the following CSS to hide the 'Table' and 'Cell' tabs in the TableWizard popup.

      #k-table-wizard-tabs #k-table-wizard-tabs-tab-1,
      #k-table-wizard-tabs #k-table-wizard-tabs-tab-2{
        display: none;

Then, you can handle the Editor execute event.  When the Table Wizard popup is rendered you can activate the 'Accessibility' tab using the TabStrip activateTab method:

 execute(e) {          
          if( == "tablewizardinsert"){           
                 var tabToActivate = $('#k-table-wizard-tabs #k-table-wizard-tabs-tab-3')

Here is a Dojo example where the described above is implemented.

As the desired result can be achieved throught the demonstrated approach I will change the status of the request to the 'Declined'.

Let me know in case you have additional questions on the matter.

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