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Release R1.2023-Increment.1(09.Nov.2022)
Created on: 14 Jun 2022 11:07
Category: Date/Time Pickers
Type: Bug Report
setOptions enables disabled widgets

Since R1 2022, the setOptions method re-enables a disabled widget.


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Peter Milchev
Posted on: 24 Oct 2022 12:29

The API methods should not change the initialization options. That means
1) If the widget was initialized with an enabled state 
2) Then the .enable(false) is called, 
3) Calling the .setOptions() should not result in reinitializing the widget in a disabled state(unless the "enabled" property is included in the arguments).

The same goes for the other scenario - initializing a widget from a disabled DOM element. That would make "disabled" the initial state, hence calling .enable(true) and then .setOptions() should result in a reinitialized widget with a "disabled" state.

The fix addresses the second scenario.

If you want to persist the disabled state after calling .setOptions(), you should include the enabled property in the arguments.

Peter Milchev
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