Last Updated: 09 Jun 2022 09:29 by ADMIN
Created on: 02 Jun 2022 14:39
Category: TileLayout
Type: Feature Request
Responsive TileLayout Component

The tileLayout feature could use some help to be useful. It should have the following additional features:

  1. Be responsive so that when a user views it on a smaller screen it only has 1 or 2 columns but when viewed on a larger screen it could have 3 or 4 columns. If the user changes the window size on their desktop or rotates their tablet or mobile device this should change automatically based on media queries.
  2. There should be a way to apply a class and data attributes to the entire tile so that, for example, important tiles could have a different border.
  3. Certain tiles should have a minimum or maximum column span. For example, a tile that contains a grid might be required to be 100% width but a tile that contains a single number could be 33.3% width.
  4. There should be a way to destroy and recreate the grid so that if a user needs to refresh the data that built it originally this can easily happen.