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Created on: 20 Jan 2022 10:47
Category: Chart
Type: Bug Report
2021.3.1207 crashes browser(s) when zooming in scatter chart with date in x-axis

We are using asp mvc, but the but it is completely reproduceable with only jquery as shown in the file attached.

When using a scatter chart with a date axis any zooming with the mouse wheel will crash most if not all browsers.

At the very least current versions of chrome (97.0.4692.99), firefox (96.0.1) and edge (97.0.1072.62).

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Georgi Denchev
Posted on: 27 Jan 2022 10:08

Hello, Max,

Thank you for the provided report and example.

I've logged an issue in our public GitHub repository. You can track its progress here: 

Please accept my apologies about the caused inconvenience.

Best Regards,
Georgi Denchev
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Posted on: 20 Jan 2022 11:06
Same thing happens for the newest version 2022.1.119, with versions earlier than 2021.3.1207 this works fine.
Posted on: 20 Jan 2022 10:59
"but the but" should of course mean "but the bug". I canĀ“t seem to be able to edit it