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Michael D
Created on: 29 Nov 2021 10:25
Category: Diagram
Type: Bug Report
kendo.dataviz.diagram.Shape typing wrong

The Typescript definitions for Kendo UI define the connections() method which is part of the kendo.dataviz.diagram.Shape interface as follows:

connections(type: string): void;

The documentation ( however, specifies:

Returns the connections attached to the shape. You can optionally specify to return only the incoming or outgoing connections.


Therefore, connections() should not be of type void and the type parameter should be optional.


To solve this issue, we currently cast both the parameter and the result.

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Georgi Denchev
Posted on: 06 Dec 2021 11:05

Hi, Michael,

Thank you for the provided details!

We'll review the reported typescript definition and update it accordingly.

Best Regards,
Georgi Denchev
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