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Release 2022.R1
Michael D
Created on: 22 Nov 2021 08:46
Category: Pager
Type: Bug Report
Pager keyboard navigation events bubble

The Pager keyboard navigation now includes the keys ENTER and ESC that allow to "enter" a detailed pager navigation as explained in

However, the key events bubble up the DOM. In our case, this causes unwanted effects like closing popups etc. (we close popups on ESC).

Shouldn't the propagation be prevented for keyboard events that are handled by the pager itself?

I've created a small DOJO which demostrates this behavior: Note how the keydown event of the outer container is always fired, even if ESC was pressed to navigate inside the pager.

Angel Petrov
Posted on: 26 Nov 2021 15:10

Hello Michael,

Indeed this seems like something we need to fix. I am marking this items as approved.

As a token of gratitude for reporting this to us I have updated your account points.

Angel Petrov
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Michael D
Posted on: 22 Nov 2021 08:49
The DOJO is accessible at