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Keith Mycek
Created on: 29 Jun 2021 16:20
Category: ComboBox
Type: Bug Report
Cascading ComboBoxes are, in fact, not functional as implemented

To say that you have "Cascading ComboBox" functionality is misleading. You do have "Cascading ListBox" functionality - whereas if a value is picked in the parent listbox, the child will populate with a filtered, dependent list. Changing the parent changes the dependent items in the child list box.

However, the difference with ComboBoxes is that the user can also type a value in, if it doesn't appear in the bound dataset. While this does work as expected for the child ComboBox in the cascading example - it DOES NOT work for the parent. If you type a value into the parent, the child ComboBox remains disabled. You should be able to at least type into the child box. 

We have a simple need for a Manufacturer / Model selection in two cascading ComboBoxes. If the manufacturer does not exist, we want to be able to allow the user to type it in. Since it's a new manufacturer - there are no associated models in the bound dataset, yet. The dependent child ComboBox should at least be enabled so the user can enter the new model.

This behavior can be experienced in your online example. If you pick a value in the parent, the child refreshes and rebinds accordingly. But if you type in the parent - the child remains disabled. This is a bug, if you intend on maintaining that you have "Cascading ComboBox" functionality.

I was given a "workaround" by your support team - but there are still lingering effects (especially on reloading the form with existing data) that would not be an issue if the cascading combobox implementation was completed properly.

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Ivan Danchev
Posted on: 06 Jul 2021 09:18

Hello Keith,

Thank you for elaborating more on the scenario. The cascading ComboBox is supposed to enable when the parent's "change" event fires., Currently it does that when an item is selected in the parent's list, but it doesn't enable when a custom value is entered in the parent and it is blurred. Since the "change" event fires after entering a custom value in the ComboBox and then blurring it, we've logged the issue for fixing.

I've changed the product of the Bug Report to ComboBox / Kendo UI for jQuery, since the behavior comes from the Kendo UI widget, i.e. it is not specific to the MVC wrapper.

I've updated your Telerik points for reporting this behavior.

Ivan Danchev
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