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do van
Created on: 06 Apr 2021 07:16
Category: Spreadsheet
Type: Feature Request
Add mobile devices support for the Spreadsheet

Currently, when working on a mobile device, the Spreadsheet doesn't have all the functionalities available when working on a desktop machine.  

Providing support for the merge cell, multi-cell selection  & context menu opening when working on a mobile device will be very useful for the Spreadsheet. 


Posted on: 13 Apr 2021 17:32


The feature is not yet planned for implementation, but it has gathered a significant amount of votes in a very short time. It is possible that it would be scheduler soon, but at this time I cannot say an estimated date.

Please stay subscribed to this item for further information on the matter.

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Posted on: 07 Apr 2021 04:03

It's 2021, I think every design should be optimized for mobile-first...?

Please add the mobile support, it's a large portion of our user base...!