Last Updated: 26 Mar 2021 10:09 by John
Created on: 26 Mar 2021 10:09
Category: DropDownList
Type: Bug Report
The delay option is affecting navigation between the items in DropDownList

Bug report

Even if no filtering is configured, when the delay option is different than 0 navigation between the items in the DropDownList does not work correctly.

Reproduction of the problem

  1. Open the Demo
  2. Focus/Open the DropDownList
  3. Click 's' - Small is selected
  4. Click 'l' - Large is selected
  5. Repeat multiple times

Current behavior

The correct item is not always selected. In the demo, no delay is configured, but the default value is 500. The delay is supposed to affect the DropDownList only when filtering is enabled.

Note: Currently, when the filter option is configured, changing selection without opening the DropDownList is not possible.


Set delay to 0 - Dojo

Expected/desired behavior

The selection of the items should be correctly changed when typing, even if a delay different than 0 is configured.
Also, it should be possible to change the selected item by typing in the keyboard even if the filter option is set and the DropDownList is closed.


  • Kendo UI version: 2021.1.224
  • Browser: [all]