Last Updated: 06 Jan 2021 15:57 by mahalakshmi
Created on: 06 Jan 2021 15:57
Category: MultiSelect
Type: Bug Report
MultiSelect filter is cleared after selecting an item and clicking in the input area

Bug report

Reproduction of the problem

Dojo example.

  1. Focus the MultiSelect and type in "c". The data is filtered and "Canada" is displayed in the list.
  2. Select "Canada".
  3. Click in the MultiSelect's input area.

Current behavior

The filter is cleared and all the items in the dataSource are listed, even though "c" remains in the input area.
If step 2 is omitted, the filter is not cleared.

Expected/desired behavior

The filter should not be cleared. After step 3 the MultiSelect should still show only "Canada" in the list of items.


  • Kendo UI version: 2020.3.1118
  • jQuery version: x.y
  • Browser: [all]