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Created on: 03 Dec 2020 14:56
Category: Kendo UI for jQuery
Type: Bug Report
Why does the "RESIZE API" documentation state the event is triggered after the user finishes the resize? It actually works the opposite way. i.e. event/function is invoked at start

Hello, there is a comment in the Resize API demo example for popup modal windows that is opposite the way it actually works, right?

resize - API Reference - Kendo UI Window | Kendo UI for jQuery (

i.e. the user has STARTED resizing the window

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Posted on: 10 Dec 2020 10:20

Hi Brad,

Thank you very much for reporting an issue in our documentation. Indeed, the resize event is triggered when the user resizes the Window. As long as the Window is resized, the event will be triggered, but not only once the resizing is finished. We will fix the comment in the API. As a small token of gratitude for reporting the incorrect description in the Window API, I have increased your Telerik points.

However, I will set the status of the current issue as 'Declined' as the Bug Report is concerning bugs in the components, but not about issues with the documentation. In case you find issues in the documentation in the future, you could open a support ticket or write in the Forum

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