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Created on: 16 Nov 2020 21:23
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Bing Maps Replacement to Azure Maps


I'd like to request a replacement for Kendo UI Map's Bing maps integration.  At this point, Bing maps is set to be deprecated.  This will be replaced with Azure maps.  

With a Jan 31 end date of Bing, I'm assuming Kendo Maps with Bing won't work after that.  Will Kendo have an option in place soon or do we need to look at other options? 

Obviously we need time to develop, test and deliver a workable solution to our clients by then.

Thank you

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Posted on: 27 May 2021 17:30

Hey folks!

Just jumping in here to mark this item as complete as with R2 2021 we added the ability to work with Azure Maps within the Kendo UI for jQuery Map.

Due to how one needs to implement Azure Maps we could not come up with a clever way to hide our own API key. This mean that we could not create a runnable demo that displays Azure Maps for folks to view. However, we do still have documentation to help you get up and running with Azure Maps!

Check out the Azure Maps with the Kendo UI for jQuery Map component KB article right here for more information.

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