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Created on: 05 Nov 2020 16:15
Category: Scheduler
Type: Bug Report
Kendo Scheduler - recurring events - bug on rendering recurring event template in Safari and other browsers when the device is an apple mobile device


I'm having some erratic behavior when displaying recurring events in the scheduler when the browser is Safari and in other browsers when the device is an ipad.

The recurring events don't show on the presentation table, but if I force several clicks in the presentation table with the intention of creating a new event and then canceling, they sometimes are rendered in the right slots. After they are rendered if I click the presentation table they disappear again.

If I check the scheduler dataSource data the events are there to be shown.

I tried to replicate the same behavior with the scheduler demo that you have available and I couldn't replicate it. But then I realized  that in my case only recurring events won't show up. My hint was that the problem was with the recurrence rule. I created a dojo sample with my recurrence rule and then the bug appeared.

Concluding it seems that for some recurrence rules the recurring events may have problems to be rendered in the presentation table.

Here is a dojo sample replicating the problem that I describe:


How can I resolve this problem or have a potential fix?

Kind regards,

Marco Miranda. 


Posted on: 04 Dec 2023 13:08

I am closing this issue because it is no longer reproducible using Kendo UI 2023.3.1114. Tested on iPad/Safari iOS 17.1.1.
I am linking a working Dojo example -

Best regards,
Progress Telerik
Posted on: 12 Nov 2020 12:24

Hello Marco,

Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. We were able to replicate it on our side in iPad with iOS 14. I've logged the following issue in our public backlog in GitHub: 

As a small token of gratitude for your report I'm updating your Telerik points.

Best Regards,
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