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Seven Spikes
Created on: 21 Oct 2020 10:55
Category: AutoComplete
Type: Bug Report
Click through issue on Mobile

On Android mobile devices (probably on other mobile devices as well) the click event from the drop-down list popup triggers the click event of controls below the clicked item.

The issue is similar to this one described here -

We managed to reproduce it including kendo.all.min.js and also including only the individual components required for the autocomplete to work.

In your demo, we simply added a button below the autocomplete and show an alert when the button is clicked.

Here is a DOJO link with the individual components:

Simply type "A" so that the list of countries is shown and then click on "Andorra" and the button below the list will also be clicked.

The same DOJO link with kendo.all.min.js takes some more steps to be replicated.

Here you need to type "A" and click on "Andorra", it won't fire the click event of the button initially but if you delete the selected items and type "A" again and then select "Andorra" the button will be clicked.

We have seen the same issue in version 2020.1 as well.

I workaround for this issue will be much appreciated!

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Posted on: 26 Oct 2020 14:41

Hi, Seven Spikes,

Š¢hank you for your report. I was able to observe the reported behavior and can confirm it is indeed a bug. I have also logged an issue in our public repository where you can track the progress on the item:

As a possible workaround, you can try to handle the Select event of the AutoComplete. Then check if the original event is 'touchend'. If it is, prevent it from firing. Here's an example:

I hope this workaround works for your scenario until the issue is resolved. If the above does not help I would suggest monitoring the above-mentioned GitHub issue and updating to the latest version of Kendo UI, once the bug is fixed.

Finally, as a token of gratitude for helping us identify the issue I have updated your Telerik points.

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