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Maxime Bellemare
Created on: 08 Sep 2020 12:59
Category: NumericTextBox
Type: Bug Report
NumericTextBox pops keyboard on mobile on scroll

Feature enhancement
NumericTextBox pops keyboard on mobile on scroll

Reproduction of the problem


1. Open up https://runner.telerik.io/fullscreen/uFUNEboh on a cellphone (We've tested with real Android devices)
2. Touch a NumericTextBox so the keyboard pop once (this step is not required on our end for some reason)
3. Touch outside the keyboard to close it
4. Start scrolling up and down, but starting a drag from a NumericTextBox or touch one when scrolling
5. Notice the keyboard pops open when it should not close it and continues to scroll, it will reopen again and again.

Expected/desired behavior
NumericTextBox shall not pop up the keyboard on mobile on scroll

Devices: all mobile