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Created on: 15 Jul 2020 14:31
Category: TreeList
Type: Feature Request
TreeList drag&drop does not automatically save the change

The functionality of treelist with drag&drop without autosync and without batch saving, at the end of the drop the change is not saved.

There is available a hack in the forum

For me this is a bug because I would expect for the change with drop to be automatically saved but it seems that for your support it is not. I understand that all the other changes are saved by the user with a button but the drag&drop does not have a button for it.

So if you do not want to implement this at least add a warning in the drag&drop demos page about this and provide the hack from the forum link or something so that others can know that they have to apply the hack in order for the drag&drop change to be automatically saved.

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Posted on: 22 Jul 2020 11:23

Hello Dan,

After further discussing this scenario with the Dev Team I can confirm that this is not a bug. This behavior is by design so. Enabling the TreeList to automatically save changes upon items drag&drop happens throughout invoking the sync() method in the dragend event handler. This solution is quite flexible and straight forward. Having to implement it as built-in will lead to undesired breaking changes that are not necessary in this case.

Nevertheless, thank you for the feedback. It is quite valuable for us and we will consider this included in the documentation.

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