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Created on: 14 Jul 2020 13:11
Category: Spreadsheet
Type: Feature Request
HYPERLINK formula does not support "mailto:" functionality

When I use this formula 

=HYPERLINK("mailto:"&B4&"?subject=“& B5 & “&body=“ & B6,", "test")

in the excel, I am able to click on the link which opens up my mail client with compose new email window and also populates To, Subject and Body of the email from cells B4, B5, B6 respectively.

But currently, HYPERLINK formula does not support "mailto:" functionality in Kendo UI spreadsheet. I would love to see this with kendo UI spreadsheet. 

For more details you can see the discussion on the forums here

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Posted on: 21 Jul 2020 07:16

Hi Dhruven,

Thank you for submitting the current feature request.

I've just changed its status to "Unplanned". This means that it is a valid request and we will have to see what will be the community's interest in it before considering its implementation. 

Based on the votes the current request collects, we may implement the request in the future. 

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