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Created on: 29 Jun 2020 10:56
Category: Sortable
Type: Bug Report
Not possible to scroll Sortable on a mobile device

Bug Report

After upgrading from 2019.2.619 to 2020.1.406 the sortable cannot be scrolled any more on mobile devices (just via wiping up and down on the screen)


I have prepared a dojo example which shows the main parts of our dashboard:

- the first widget is fixes (not draggable)
- the following widgets can be dragged to another position by grabbing the arrows icon (this still works)
- wiping up and down on the screen does not work (or only when your finger touches the space in between the widgets). 
   this behaviour was not there in previous version. Wiping was possible on every position on the screen (apart from the drag handler)



We were able to reproduce this on a Samsung Galaxy S10+ with Android 10 and Firefox latest version. Also on a Huawei P30 with Android 10 and Chrome, latest version and Apple SE XS  iOS 13.5.1