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Created on: 18 Jun 2020 10:51
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FileManager Renaming File/Folder is not calling Update REST API


I am using Kendo UI Version: 2020.2.617 R2 SP1 2020 and I am having issues with the Rename functionality of the FileManager in IE 11 and Chrome.

In IE 11, If I rename a Folder from the left navigation pane (or tree view) then it works just fine; the api/FileManager/Update endpoint is called by the FileManager widget. But when I rename a File or Folder from the "view pane" (by right-clicking to get the context menu), then the Open event is executed (like if you double clicked the file) instead of the Update endpoint being called.

In Chrome (latest version), I get the same thing, but with the exception that I can rename a folder (not a File) from the context menu.

My REST API is built using .Net WebAPI… Not MVC.

If you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact me.



Posted on: 19 Jun 2020 08:40

Hi Eric,

Thank you for that report. This is a bug and I converted this thread to a bug report so that you can track its progress. If you wish to also track the github issue as well here you are a link:

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Posted on: 18 Jun 2020 17:33


More info about renaming files using FileManager... 

I attached an image that shows that, in IE 11 and using the Grid View, when I try to rename a file, it works if I click outside of the textbox instead of pressing the Enter key. But if I press the Enter key, it does not work... nothing happens.

In IE 11 and using the List view, nothing happens when I press Enter... I need to click outside the texbox to rename the file.

In Chrome and in the List view, it kind of works (the file is renamed) if I press Enter, but the GetFile endpoint (Open event) is also called, but with the old name of the file and thus fails!

In Chrome and in the Grid view, everything just works fine if I press Enter... The Open event (GetFile endpoint) is NOT executed like it is in the List view. And it also works fine if I click outside the textbox.

In short, I think that IE 11 and Chrome should behave the same and it should behave like it is in Chrome in Grid view: i.e. Pressing Enter or clicking outside should have the same effect of just renaming the file and not opening it. 

Hope it helps... 




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