Last Updated: 06 Sep 2022 12:14 by Sam
Created on: 05 May 2020 16:03
Category: Spreadsheet
Type: Feature Request
Change the default custom formats in the Spreadsheet based on the defined Kendo UI culture

Currently, when the "Custom format" button in the Spreadsheet is clicked, the available predefined formats that can be applied to a cell appear as demonstrated in the below screenshot. These predefined options don't change if you set a specific Kendo UI culture. 

It will be a very useful feature to be able to change the predefined custom formats. Also, it will be nice if the custom formats in the Spreadsheet can be set based on the selected Kendo UI culture. 

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Posted on: 06 Sep 2022 12:14
I hope this getting fixed so the default currency in this list is set from the kendo culture (no need to enter "More formats)