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Created on: 29 Mar 2020 19:33
Category: Drawing API
Type: Feature Request
[PDF Export] Add special classnames to elements when they are broken by automatic page-breaking

I am using kendo-pdf to generate a PDF. I have a large div with a border which is often greater in height than a single page so it automatically page-breaks (this is good). However, the border for the div is rendered the whole way around it on both pages (see screenshot). I would like to make it so that the top border only shows at the beginning of the div (on the first page) and the bottom border only shows at the bottom of the div (on the second page).

I propose that the following classes (or similar) be added at render time to elements that are automatically broken:

1. .k-pdf-page-broken – Applied to all elements that have been automatically page-broken
2. .k-pdf-page-broken-first – Applied to the first (original) element that was page-broken
3. .k-pdf-page-broken-last – Applied to the last duplicate of the element that was page-broken

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Posted on: 30 Mar 2020 06:08

Hello, Daniel,

Thank you for the request.

We will monitor the community interest and plan it accordingly.

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