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Created on: 27 Jan 2020 09:37
Category: DropDownTree
Type: Feature Request
Functionality to switch tagMode dynamically and also auto-selecting all Parent's children if parent node is checked.

It would be nice to have the functionality to dynamically switch tagNodes, this feature would help sort out the issue of expanding the dropdown if many selections have been made .i.e.

It should show like the image below instead

It would also be great to add the feature to auto-select the parent's children and their sub children if the parent is checked.

The workaround for these issues is available on  this dojo

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Posted on: 03 Feb 2020 08:59

Hi Avesh,

Thank you for suggesting this feature and providing implementation about it.

Another approach for auto-switching the tag modes is demonstrated in this Change Multiselect Tag Mode Based on the Number of Selected Items Knowledgebase article. The example demonstrates a modification of the provided logic in the context of the MultiSelect component. The code in the change function can be applied for the DropDownTree and the tagMode will be activated based on the number of the selected items in the DropDownTree.

At this time we let out clients switch the tagModes of the DropDownTree/MultiSelect components by implementing a custom logic similar to the one you've shared and the linked above Knowledgebase article. Your request is a valid one but I cannot say if and when it will be implemented. What you can do is to vote for the current feature request and based on the community interest on it and our priority queue, we might consider the implementation of the currently discussed functionality in the DropDownTree API.

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