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Created on: 26 Nov 2019 12:29
Category: Spreadsheet
Type: Feature Request
fromStream & toStream methods in the Spreadsheet
Dear Concerned,

It would be very useful if Kendo can provide two more functions like fromJSON & toJSON in a Spreadsheet as mentioned below

fromStream() - to load an excel file form an Excel stream string so that the developer does not need to convert it to blob etc.

toStream() - to return excel stream string, it would good if it is possible to get stream without blocking UI operation. As of now, we first call toJSON & then call kendo.ooxml.Workbook(jsonSpreadsheetData).toDataURL(); to get excel stream and it is time consuming operation.

Use case: keeping excel file/stream on the server and fetching it using API on UI and then using fromStream to load & render it. And toStream is the same as toJSON to save modified stream back to the server since stream size is very low as compared to json.

Please see if it is feasible to provide these features.