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Scheduled for 2020.2
Created on: 28 Oct 2019 14:10
Category: Toolbar
Type: Bug Report
The text text of the ToolBar's tools overlaps on browser window resize (IE11)

Describe the bug
In IE11 on resizing horizontally the browser window, the text of the ToolBar's tools overlaps.

To reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Open: dojo example in IE11.
  2. Resize the browser window making it narrower.

The tools size is not properly calculated and text overlapping can be observed (see the screenshot linked below). Overflow hidden is not set to the button tool and the k-input elements are resized on resizing the browser window.

The following CSS rule can be used as a workaround:

.k-toolbar .k-button,
.k-toolbar .k-input {
  overflow: hidden;
  flex: 0 0 auto;

Expected behavior
The ToolBar tools should properly resize on browser window resize. No text overlapping should occur.


Affected package (please provide)

  • theme-default
  • theme-bootstrap
  • theme-material

Affected suites (please provide)

  • Kendo UI for jQuery

Affected browsers (please provide)

  • IE version: 11

Build system information (please provide)

  • OS: Windows
  • Node version: N/A
  • NPM version: N/A

Additional context