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Created on: 16 Oct 2019 06:02
Category: Spreadsheet
Type: Feature Request
Add accessibility to the Spreadsheet control

It would be great if you would add accessabbility to the spreadsheet as it seems to be the last control without this feature.

Currently the focus gets trapped inside its grid and the user cannot leave the spreadsheet with the TAB key. At least this should be avoided. It would be also better if only the first cell would be focusable and you then could navigate with the arrow keys, as with thousands of cells it is not very comfortable to use the TAB key.

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Posted on: 22 Oct 2019 16:48


Thank you for submitting this feature request. We will monitor the interest in it and consider implementing these options.

As a token of gratitude for submitting this Feature request, I have updated your Telerik points accordingly.

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