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Michael D
Created on: 25 Sep 2019 12:25
Category: MultiSelect
Type: Bug Report
"SelectNextItem"/"SelectPreviousItem" Keyboard Shortcut unexpected behaviour



Firstly, in the keyboard navigation demo for the MultiSelect widget (https://demos.telerik.com/kendo-ui/multiselect/keyboard-navigation) the follwing two keyboard shortcuts are documented:

  • SHIFT + UP-ARROW: select previous item
  • SHIFT + DOWN-ARROW: select next item


In the following scenario, these shortcuts cause some strange behaviour:

  • select two consecutive items with SHIFT+DOWN-ARROW (e.g. "Small" and "Medium")
  • use the arrow keys to move the focus further down (e.g. to "X-Large")
  • press SHIFT+DOWN-ARROW again

I would expect "X-Large" and "2X-Large" to be selected in addition to the already selected items "Small" and "Medium". Instead, "Large" is selected as well. Is this behaviour intended?


Secondly, every time the user clicks and selects an entry of the MultiSelect popup, the popup is closed. Is there a way to prevent that closing. Or is there a way of selecting without triggering a close event (like pressing CTRL etc.)?


Thank You!

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Posted on: 26 Sep 2019 10:39

Hello Michael,

Thank you for reporting this behavior. I have investigated further and this appears to be a bug.  Thus, I have converted this item to a bug in the Public Feedback Portal and also logged it on GitHub:

As a temporary workaround you can use the Enter key to select the highlighted item.

In regards to your second question - you can set the autoClose property to false to prevent closing of the dropdown option list.

Finally, as a small token of gratitude for helping us discover this issue, I have updated your Telerik Points accordingly

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