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Shiva Kumar
Created on: 24 Sep 2019 07:34
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Kendo Jquery Grid make the column editable to Boolean for achieve column level editing

Hi Team,


We are have gone through the documentation for make specific column editable. We found that we need to make it in schema. As we are using some complex objects along with ODATA expand.

We are unable to maintain or Add all the fields under schema.If we make a editable property of column to Boolean and based on value framework will me either read-only or editable.


Consider a scenario like Grid with 10 columns based on quantity, price,discount change need to calculate the tax.

Here tax calculation will be dynamic and some columns we can add on the fly.

In some cases like ODATA expand  if i want to make expanded column to editable then it a tough process to edit

like above situations it will be useful if we make column editable to Boolean for achieve column level editing



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Posted on: 01 Oct 2019 06:38

Hi Shiva,

By design, the Kendo UI Grid is a completely client-side oriented widget. Therefore, the way the data is retrieved on the server-side does not directly impact its functionalities. 

It is correct that the schema has to be configured for editing but it is not mandatory. However, setting the editable property at the schema, the field would not be edited even programmatically. You can set it up in the schema as:

Category: { defaultValue: { CategoryID: 1, CategoryName: "Beverages"}, editable: false },

If you would like to make the field conditionally editable, I would recommend using the editable property of the column. You can pass a JavaScript function which would return a boolean. More information could be found here:

Let me know in case the issue is still present.


Best regards,
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