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How to execute the update function and get

I´m working with Kendo Ui Gantt AngularJS

How to execute the update function and get, again, I need it for a custom function

I need something like that
update ();
get ();

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Ivan Danchev
Posted on: 24 Jul 2019 11:31
Hello Sergio,

I've replied to a similar thread in the ticketing system, so I'll paste my reply here as well:

he Gantt has a refresh method that can be used to refresh the tasks and dependencies. In an AngularJs scenario you can call for example in a button's click handler:
$scope.onClick1 = function() {
  var gantt = $("div [kendo-gantt]").data("kendoGantt");
  if (gantt) {
As for calling the "update" action, you can do that as shown below:
$scope.onClick1 = function() {
  var gantt = $("div [kendo-gantt]").data("kendoGantt");
  if (gantt) {
     var task =;
     gantt.dataSource.update(task, { title: "New Title" });
In this example we update the first tasks title and then call the dataSource sync() method, which triggers a request to the "update" action, because we have modified the first task's dataItem. 

The DataSource has a read() method that you can use to get the data from the server:;

For questions on the functionality of the widgets or issues with them, we would advise submitting a ticket in the ticketing system or opening a thread in the forums.

Ivan Danchev
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