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Created on: 25 Jun 2019 07:38
Category: MultiSelect
Type: Bug Report
(AngularJS)Aria-setsize attribute missing for the default values in the MultiSelect

Bug report

The "aria-setsize" attribute is missing when initializing a MultiSelect with default selected values in AngularJS

Reproduction of the problem

  1. Open this Dojo and run it
  2. Right-click on one of the initially selected items in the MultiSelect.
  3. The selected DOM element will be a "li" tag
  4. Select a new item in the MultiSelect and watch how the definition of the "li" tag will change
  5. When selecting a third element in the MultiSelect. All the three "li" tags will receive an aria-setsize="3" tag, which wasn't presented for the default selected values

Current behavior

When initializing a MultiSelect with default values, the aria-setsize attribute is missing for these values.

Expected/desired behavior

The default MultiSelect values should have an aria-setsize attribute added to their selected values


  • Kendo UI version: 2019.2.619
  • jQuery version: x.y
  • Browser: [all]
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Posted on: 25 Jun 2019 08:58
Hello Sam,

The reason for the unexpected behavior presented in the given scenario is related to the usage of valueprimitive configuration. Here is a Dojo demonstrating how we can set default values of the MultiSelect and have the aria-setsize attribute added to the initial values. As it could be seen, the valueprimitive configuration is commented and the default selected values are set using objects of ProductIDs and ProductNames. Here is the definition:
$scope.selectedIds = [ {ProductID: 4, ProductName: "Chef Anton's Cajun Seasoning"}, {ProductID: 7, ProductName: "Uncle Bob's Organic Dried Pears"}  ];

If you inspect the selected MultiSelect items in the above Dojo, you will see the aria-setsize attribute presented. 

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