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Created on: 19 Jun 2019 19:01
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Document in editor iframe does not contain a "lang" attribute on the <html> tag as advised by WCAG Guideline 3.1.1

Our team is fixing all WCAG guideline bugs in our product. The 3.1.1 guideline can't be met because the Kendo editor doesn't allow for setting a lang attribute on the iframe document, nor does the editor infer the language from the parent document and add that lang attribute.



Open the editor example page ( Note that the editor iframe document contains <html> at the top but does not contain a lang="en" attribute within it. Further, edit the example on the page and add lang="en" to the <html> attribute at the top of the example. Run the example. The iframe still does not contain the lang="en" attribute.



Include the lang attribute on the child document when the parent document contains one or make a setting available in the configuration JSON for the editor to include a lang attribute in the child document when an iframe is used.



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Posted on: 20 Jun 2019 12:13
Hello Nikhil,

Thank you for reporting for that issue. Indeed we will fix that issue, in order to have that aspect covered. Meanwhile, besides going point by point on the guidance, could you specify if you are using any tool for validation of these guidance. 

On a separate note, you can refer to our Accessibility Compliance section here:

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