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Last Updated: 04 Jun 2019 19:08 by Jack
Created on: 21 May 2019 17:03
Category: Kendo UI for jQuery
Type: Feature Request
Improve mobile themes (and mobile widgets)

Kendo UI mobile widgets are really falling behind and now need an urgent refresh. Most mobile widgets have not been updated in 3 to 4 years (https://github.com/telerik/kendo-ui-core/tree/master/src).

The most urgent is for styles to be updated to match LESS and SASS styles. Currently, styles are a mess and making a mobile app including the grid and other recent responsive widgets with consistent styles takes a lot more time than it should:

- NOVA has many specificities not available in other themes

- OS skins have no match to style the grid and other web responsive widgets

- Material UI is not consistent and up-to-date


Posted on: 04 Jun 2019 19:08

Ivan, Thank you for your reply.

OS skins are useless because they cannot be used with responsive widgets like the Grid. They are also poorly executed: for example, action sheets for iOS7+ look terrible compared to Ionic, Onsen UI or framework 7.

The new SASS themes are much better and easier to customize than the old LESS themes. They are more consistent too. Considering Progress's strategy which consists in making all widgets responsive to target all platforms, I would recommend dropping all LESS styles and expand the SASS themes to mobile widgets.

See https://github.com/telerik/kendo-themes/issues/749

Ivan Zhekov
Posted on: 29 May 2019 06:51
Hi, Jack.

While the mobile widgets are indeed falling behind, we've been dedicated to integrating them in the main suite. Just recently we've introduced adaptive grid without dependencies on the mobile suite, per se.

Removing the differences between sass and less themes is easier said than done. When we created the sass themes, we started from the ground up and created an entirely new framework for styling components. Organizing the less themes in the same fashion would be harder than actually creating them based on the sass framework.

We are aware that Nova theme has issues. We have tackled some before, but we can surely improve more. Can you outline which discrepancies in Nova are important to you, so we could target them first.

We have no immediate plans for so called OS skins for kendo-ui-mobile. Both iOS and Android tend to change significantly between releases and updates of the themes usually mean rewrite.

Finally, for Material theme, we recommend using the sass based one -- it complies with the guidelines and more importantly, it's up to date.


You could also open issues either in our kendo-themes repo, when the issue is about the sass themes, or kendo-ui-core repo, when the issue is about less themes.

Ivan Zhekov
Progress Telerik
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