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Created on: 16 Apr 2019 08:43
Category: Kendo UI for jQuery
Type: Bug Report
Kendo Window Modal k-overlay not cleaned up


open new window using the button, and close all window one by one, then see that k-overlay is still stay in page

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Posted on: 23 Apr 2019 08:00
Hello Albert,

In general, the Window containment functionality is not intended to work in combination with the modal option. This is the case, as the containment is supposed to constrain the Window in a certain bounds and this is not suitable for scenarios where there is a modal overlay on the page. We will update the documentation to outline this specific use case of the options.

Taking the above into consideration, I would suggest to use the containment with the modal option set to false. However, in case you would like to preserve the modal option and keep the current behavior, you could subscribe to the Window close event, query the document body for ".k-overlay" and if one is found - remove it. This will take care of the overlay issue for the specific Window implementation.

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Posted on: 16 Apr 2019 08:47
forgot to mention it only happened if "containment:" have value